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Default Dark Triad: Conspiracy - Development Update

May 22nd, 2013, 11:31
Dark Triad: Conspiracy has a new development update found on their cancelled Kickstarter. The update shows renders of the noble district, offers a list of the non-combat skills, and annouces the company is changing their name from Autoloot Games to Azurite Games.

Non-Combat Skills
Also we want to share with you the ultimate list of non-combat skills that will be available unless we need to include one or a couple more due to gameplay needs later. Miguel A.L.M. has been working on it and we are quite happy and sure this will cover most game situations we can think of. The list was bigger but we decided to disregard those ones that weren’t meaningful enough. It must also be taken into account that we can only spent a full year after the next Kickstarter relaunch to complete the game due to budget constraints, so we needed to focus only on the strictly necessary ones to add enough content and at the same time to have full control of the possible outcomes. This will serve us to prepare all the quests, dialogues and game situations so you can complete them in different ways.
More information.
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May 22nd, 2013, 11:31
They have addressed a lot of the criticisms of their original pitch and have made many positive changes. The noble district artwork looks impressive and just shows that RPG artwork doesn't have to be brown . The skills look interesting, but obviously will need a lot of supporting gameplay & balance.

It looks like a very ambitious project to pull off in a year, though, even if they manage to get some minimal funding on Kickstarter (for instance $50k < one man year of dev time for most western studios). One year to develop a large isometric RPG with an original IP, your own engine and art assets, a very small team, minimal cash? Quite a challenge.

On top of that, for the Kickstarter pitch, they still really need to answer the question: Why are we going to want to play this rather than / in addition to the many other seemingly similar CRPGs that will be appearing over the next year or so. What's so special that will make it stand out in the market? Otherwise, the new KS may go the way of some of the latest space projects for which there has been little appetite after Elite / Space citizens got funded.
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May 22nd, 2013, 16:57
Best feature of Kickstarter that it lets people LEARN from their mistakes and become men. In ancient times this was called becoming a man on a battlefield. Now the scenario changed to internet.
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