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Default Legends of Eisenwald - Post-Funding Update #36,The Plans

May 29th, 2013, 00:12
Last week the Kockstarter page for Legends of Eisenwald was updated with information on the plans for the coming period.
Today is exactly one year since the end of our Kickstarter campaign and we think it is an appropriate time to talk a little about the progress of our game and about our plans. While we have been working very hard on adding features to the game and fixing bugs, we also have been working on updating our plans and making sure we can finish everything to release our game in September. The new plans are already in place and we follow them pretty well which makes us cautiously optimistic that things work out this time with no further delays.

The finished game is going to have one scenario that is available now the Masquerade, plus the large campaign consisting of 7 scenarios and a scenario for you, our Kickstarter backers. We are doing relatively well now in terms of programming effort but scripting scenarios is a bit harder due to their complexity and non-linearity. Still, we hope to accomplish it all. But just as a heads up should we face any delays, we think it might be possible we postpone a bit this special scenario for you because cutting or not making the whole campaign is not an option. Some of you said that our recent decision to postpone the release until September was relatively sudden and yes, you are right. We want to learn from this mistake and be even more transparent in our communication.
More information.
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May 29th, 2013, 00:12
I'm not sure that creating a scenario exclusively for Kickstarters is necessarily a good way to go. Their business goal now should logically be focused on expanding the sales market for their product. A scenario that can't be played by new buyers doesn't help in that regard. Hopefully that feature will soon be cracked.
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