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May 31st, 2013, 11:16
Remember the game I posted about last month called The Black Tower. Some of you were interested, and others just made fun of the game. Well the developers have finally started their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

A neo-retro game inspired by J-RPGs from the PS1 era, with a Space Fantasy story.

TBT is born from a novel by Simon Mesnard written in 2011 and self-published, entitled La Tour de l'Espace (The Tower in the Space). He produced the indie game ASA: A Space Adventure, a slideshow adventure based on this book, which received good reviews from the criticism. When many people asked him for a sequel, he already had another thing in mind : reviving his favourite genre of games, J-Rpgs with prerendered backgrounds. The Black Tower !

The game

TBT: The Black Tower is an indie RPG for PC and Mac. The game will feature a vast world to explore through various places that you reach from a Worldmap, with random encounters and turn-based battles. If it sounds quite Retro on the paper, we'd like to add some modern elements to make it sound Neo too. Neo-Retro gaming is something that fits perfectly to our vision of Indie games, and we really hope that you will enjoy TBT for both its old mechanisms and its new opportunities.


Somewhere in the Universe, there is a spaceship called The Ark, built long ago by scientists of another galaxy. Their Ark has a specific mission : finding planets on the verge to die. The Ark releases a mysterious black Cube on each of these planets until one of its inhabitants finds it. Through this chosen person, the aim is to gather the memories and knowledge of a whole civilization before it definetely disapears, and that without interfering with its future. Then the Cube sends the precious data to the Ark, thus repeting the cycle for thousands of years…

Something similar happened in 2011 on planet Terra (a fantasy world, not the Earth !). Astronaut Philip Forté was repairing the old Cobalt-5 satellite for the CSE, when he sunddenly noticed an unknown black Cube drifting in Space. Forté mysteriously disappeared and is now known on Terra as the crazy astronaut who sacrificed his life for an illusion.

21 years later, young Yan Forté - the son of Philippe - chose to live alone as a forest ranger. He doesn't want to hear anything about Space and trains hard to protect nature under the command of Jacob Leclerc, an old soldier who found a nice retreat in the woods. They have a rough life, finding their own food and fighting against wild beasts, but they like it. Everything will change when the Palak'us - pirates - start destroying the trees here and there for an unknown reason. During an investigation, Yan will meet a girl called Ellana, fallen from the sky in a cloud of Yellow Particles. The most disturbing is that she's got a black Die as a necklace, a Die that definetly reminds the Cube found by Philippe…
Spread the word and help support the game. The Potato commands you.
More information.
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May 31st, 2013, 11:16
Whether the game has any merit or not is probably a moot point given that the funding target is totally unrealistic for a no name indie game - that's 328,440 euros fixed funding campaign (a curiously precise figure) not 328.44 . The developers do note that Final Fantasy games cost on average $40m and maybe they should take the obvious implication that they are probably biting off more than they can chew - you are going to build a pretty ropey palace, if you don't even have the budget for a bungalow. Surely there are more realistic first projects than trying to remake Final Fantasy, and anyway only the Japanese can make that kind of artwork look anything other than ridiculous.
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