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June 21st, 2013, 01:51
Neverwinter is now officially Live as announced by Cryptic Studios. We also have a few reviews to go along with the announcement.


We're so excited to announce that today marks the live launch of Neverwinter! After nearly two months of Open Beta testing, numerous feedback from players and fans, and many gameplay and balance changes, we are proud to be live. Today also marks the live release of Gauntlgrym, new end-game PvP and PvE content, and the new Alchemy profession.

Despite some glaring open beta mishaps, Neverwinter has what it takes. The combat is possibly the best in any MMORPG on the market today; it may have hit the elusive sweet spot between the old and the new. There are a wide variety of options and activities that cater to both solo players and group enthusiasts. Neverwinter offers experiences for players that normally wouldn’t play MMORPGs, and also provides a framework for core genre players. Looking for action and adventure in the world of Forgotten Realms? Neverwinter delivers.

Neverwinter is not a perfect game, but it is definitely above average. With graphics that work on most machines and look great on high end machines, and decent gameplay, Neverwinter is surprisingly a breath of fresh air in an fairly stale genre. It’s future depends solely on how Cryptic intends to support the game and community. So far they’ve done a good job by releasing a massive balance patch rather quickly and they plan to release a bit of end game PvP/PvE in the form of a new even known as The Caverns of Gauntlgrym. If they’re able to keep it up, Neverwinter may just be an incredibly successful MMO. Only time will tell.

Neverwinter is a fun game, and it’s an excellent introduction to the MMO genre. It doesn’t feel like you need to dump hundreds of hours into it, either, which may be a drawback for those concerned about endgame. However, I only made it so far through, and Cryptic seems prepared to support the game with new content like Gauntlgrym and the free expansion Fury of the Feywild, which is due this summer.

While the free-to-play system doesn’t cripple Neverwinter by any means, it will start to annoy some players because of its weird restrictions. “I hate those guys with the giant spider mounts,” one player told me in game. I agreed. Cryptic could benefit from lowering the value of Zen a bit or making it more accessible to players who don’t want to spend real money (maybe by allowing them to buy it with ADs?). In addition, the developer’s next focus should be to continue cleaning up the bugs, refining and adding more PvP modes, raising companion level caps, and definitely working on a more user-friendly Foundry Editor.

It may have its flaws, but Neverwinter is highly enjoyable and accessible to veteran, beginner, and casual players alike. I’ll see you in the city.
More information.
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June 21st, 2013, 01:51
I really wish I liked this game more.
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June 21st, 2013, 02:53
I hope what I'm hearing about Pay to Win is a joke. $40 US for a mount, $40 US for a companion who will level to max cap and $250 to look like Drizzit.

I just picked up TSW for $15 US on Steam sale, so will give it a try. At least I hear it's been patched to a solid state and very original premise for a mmog.
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June 21st, 2013, 05:16
Originally Posted by Yme View Post
I really wish I liked this game more.
This will likely be my sentiment as well. Downloading now. I have such great memories of Bioware's Neverwinter…but I doubt an MMO can deliver…I have yet to play any MMO that doesn't seem like a soulless, cookie-cutter, generic, tedious quest generation system.
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June 21st, 2013, 13:59
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
I hope what I'm hearing about Pay to Win is a joke.
Do you think I was joking in posts about STO?
I wasn't.
Cryptic and Perfect World are very greedy and are enjoying no law about advertising. I really hope the market, audience or someone else will make something to make sure all p2w games must have p2w words under the title.
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June 21st, 2013, 19:49
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
I hope what I'm hearing about Pay to Win is a joke. $40 US for a mount, $40 US for a companion who will level to max cap and $250 to look like Drizzit.

I just picked up TSW for $15 US on Steam sale, so will give it a try. At least I hear it's been patched to a solid state and very original premise for a mmog.
What is your definition of pay2win? None of those items will give you a competitive advantage. Also, the prices you heard are exaggerated.
The cheapest rank 3 mount (the fastest kind) is 2500 zen ($25), the most expensive 3500.
There are 2 rank 3 companions that are 3000 and 3500, but honestly? Those aren't useful in end game. You are better of buying an ioun stone for 2000 or a cat for 900k astral diamonds (which you get by selling zen or earning them ingame).
The Drow thing is actually part of $199 founders pack, which is going to go away soon. (Drow race will become public in time, so it's just a very expensive timed exclusive, which also has other benefits).
Most of the items in there that you would want are fashion items (dyes, cloths) or convenience items (profession booster packs, etc)
Items that you will use the most of in end game can be bought with Astral Diamonds via auction house, or traded with other players. (some even sell stuff for gold).

So no, there isn't pay2win, are the shop items expensive? sure. But there is a chance that they will lower them. They already did lower the prices of mounts/companions/fashion/and respec token items.
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June 22nd, 2013, 00:34
Originally Posted by Yme View Post
I really wish I liked this game more.

It's a mediocre at best game. I finally got around to UNINSTALLING it today. I haven't logged in for days and was only logging in to craft and pray for a few weeks there since you can level without even playing if you pray. Neverwinter just not that compelling. The hype and BS campaign for it is doing a good job.

These "reviews" are from half-assed sites and mean nothing. One says it's the best combat in MMOs…what a freaking joke. TERA has the best combat in MMOs, NW rips it off and makes it dumbed down the way FPS are dumbed down for consoles. What kind of scrub needs target assist to do already super easy action style combat in an MMO. Disgusting.

The game is D&D in name only - the game itself has nothing in common with anything D&D. The game is a very bland and very typical modern MMO - too much solo crap, too little group crap, and pvp just because every MMO has to have crappy PvP even though PvP has NOTHING to do with D&D.

The beta and "going live" were/are a joke. Cash shop has been live for weeks/months and there was no character wipe so the game has really been live for weeks/months now. There were max level players (many via exploits) pounding endgame within days of beta/live/whatever launch. There have been AH exploits during "beta" that were poorly handled.

The cash shop for NW is ruthless and the in-game economy is as lame as the economy in GW2. Tons of crap for sale to the point of it being worthless unless it's ultra rare and/or came from the cash shop. The game currency of gold is all but useless and the cash shop interchangeable currency of astral diamonds only has value because people like the minigame of "selling" AD for zen to get cash shop stuff that way (from dummies dumb enough to convert zen into AD when AD is as plentiful and easy to acquire as air).

The only way you could think that Neverwinter is a great MMO is if you have zero MMO history and zero clue about what constitutes a great MMO. Maybe if you think GW2 is a great MMO you'd like it, since it's yet another abomination of an MMO that's more geared towards solo pinheads than it is towards people who want to group.

Sadly, there's nothing else on the immediate horizon. It's always a waiting game. TESO is looking to be a dual disaster - crappy representation of ES and crappy representation of MMORPG. It sounds worse and worse all the time. A watered down version of skyrim that focuses on PvP (makes sense for one of the best PvE franchises of PC gaming history…or not) and lacks any trappings of a real MMO (no AH, no endgame gear to obtain, no real group-oriented boss fight type of content)…what moron decided to make this game?

EQNext is the next biggie on my list, and it's getting some rave comments from E3. The sweating masses not privy to private showings from E3 have to wait for august for SOE's big EQNext reveal. No idea why SOE is being so secretive if they actually have a good product on their hands since their MMO history after EQ (which they didn't even create) is spotty at best.
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June 22nd, 2013, 00:42
You really don't have to pay to win. I figured out the way this game works. You can get a lot of really powerful items quickly because of the bidding system in the auctions. There are too many of some of the more powerful items which makes them inexpensive in terms of astral diamonds. This makes it easy to get a lot of very strong gear very quickly.

The real problem I had with this game is its crafting system. You gain levels much faster as a character than you do in crafting. This means, that you can have a level 60 character and a level 12 smith, leatherworker, or tailor.

Also, the events imbalance the games auction system allowing you to collect items which people want forcing up the cost of some items to unreasonable levels allowing you to take advantage and quickly accumulate astral diamonds to buy what you need.

This allows your character to be competitive with people who pay. The system is a bit imbalanced when it comes to certain things. These can be gamed.

The companion is not that important. At the end game, a lot of the players were using clerics with high level enchantments.

I was going to buy some zen, but they asked me for my cell phone number and I thought forget it, this is too intrusive.

You don't need a mount for much except for moving around. It is more of a cosmetic effect than anything else. A horse is not that expensive in terms of gold. The Drider and other things are cosmetic.

Most of the expensive items cost because they make your character look cool, not necessarily be effective.

I am a little annoyed about one thing though, it costs money to get a ward so you can add special weapon and armor enchantments. The cost of an individual ward in astral diamonds is over 100,000 ad each. However, eventually, there will be another event which will let me accumulate a large enough amount of diamonds to buy a ward or two.

The game needs a lot of rebalancing. It did not take me that long to get to the maximum level.
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