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Default Console command to reset npc state?

January 6th, 2014, 20:08
So I'm playing the Baldur's Gate Reloaded mod (which overall is awesome so far), and I encountered a bug. When you enter Bentha's tent at the carnival, Zordal does his normal routine of threatening you and her. At the end though, he doesn't attack or beomce hostile (mostly, one time he did, but he killed my pc and so I had to reload). You can keep talking to him over and over and get the same dialogue and non-result.

So I did what any self respecting player would do and right click on him and had my party attack. That was good, we killed him pretty quick. Unfortunately, everyone else in the area outside of Bentha becomes strangely hostile (I can still talk to the named characters, but not the merhcants). I hauled it out of there trying to keep my party from killing anyone (not entirely successful). I returned later hoping it would reset everyone to non-hostile, but nope, they're still hostile.

It's not a game breaker, but I wanted to buy some magic items from one of the merchants there now that I have a decent amount of gold.

Is there a console command to reset the state of npcs? I found something on reseting a faction, but it seemed that was only for mods with specifically designed factions.


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RPGWatch Forums » Games » General RPG » NWN 2 » Console command to reset npc state?
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