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July 24th, 2013, 14:14
Limbic Entertainment has a new post on the games open development blog that showcases another class you can pick to play. I present to you the ranger.

The Ranger is a great range damage dealer, using his/her bow and the magic support of Earth. He/she has a very good perception and finds the vulnerable spots of his/her enemies.

He/she can carry all kinds of weapons, but lacks the might to be really deadly in melee combat. However, the Ranger can learn a lot about Warfare to get quite a useful fighter, since he/she has a lot of mana to spend. As all Elves, he/she prefers light armor and is pretty fragile, but evades attacks very skillfully.

The Warden

The Advanced Class of the Ranger

As already written in our previous Part 1: Character classes and races posting, the advanced class can be unlocked by a quest or NPC and gives you access to the Grand Master tiers. The character then benefits from special features of the Advanced Class, i.e. improves the character with additional attribute points and additional resistances.

Besides each character gets a special ability depending on its class:

The Warden receives the ability “Point Blank Shot”:
The warden can launch ranged attacks at enemies even in close range.

Why you want the Ranger/Warden in your party

There is no other class, who is that good in fighting with bows. So if you like to play a hero who is best in shooting with bows, you may not want to miss the Ranger in your party.
More information.
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July 24th, 2013, 14:14
I for one, really appreciate the visual design of this game.
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July 24th, 2013, 23:53
I too enjoy the art style. Getting more excited about this one. Just hope it isn't stripped down too much.

Also becoming doubtful that it releases this year.
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