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Default Dragon Age: Inquisition - Preview @ CVG

September 7th, 2013, 10:50
CVG has a new preview among the many others released in the last two weeks. The point of their preview is to say Dragon Age Inquisition goes after Skyrim.

After Mass Effect 3 Ending-gate, Star Wars: The Old Republic's free-to-play flip flop, and a poorly received Dragon Age 2, 2013's Bioware is a very different beast. But if the last few years have charted a dip for the studio, then Dragon Age: Inquisition is a roaring return to form.

With a development cycle that, by the time of Inquisition's Autumn 2014 release on both current-gen and next-gen systems, will double that of 2011's last instalment, the studio has learned the benefits of taking its time. Inquisition's heart still beats to Bioware's pulse, based around intelligent player choice, dialogue trees and party systems, but the intervening years have seen drastic change.

"It's an opportunity with the generation change, as well as the new engine change, to revitalize things," says Cameron Lee, producer on Inquisition. "We've rebuilt everything from the ground up. It's all re-written, recreated content."
More information.
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September 7th, 2013, 10:50
"Poorly received". CVG gave it 9/10 in what could only have been a paid review.
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September 7th, 2013, 11:04
Ahhhh but a lot of reviewers are like politicians. They are hoping that you either haven't noticed or, if you did, that you don't remember some of their BS.
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September 7th, 2013, 22:04
Originally Posted by bjon045 View Post
"Poorly received". CVG gave it 9/10 in what could only have been a paid review.
For one, the person who wrote that review (PSM3 staff?) may not be connected to Ben Griffen who wrote that Preview article.

For another, saying "poorly received" is acknowledging the reaction of a sizable number of gamers, not of their own site's review.

For a third, of course it was a paid review - the person writing the review was paid by the magazine. I know that's not what you mean, but still.

Finally, because you disagree with a review (I did - DA2 was very disappointing on many levels) doesn't automatically mean that the reviewer (or magazine) was paid off. I'm sure I don't have to be the one to tell the regulars at RPGWatch that the younger people who tend to write game reviews do not have the same tastes as you guys. Or me. But there are PLENTY of gamers who loved DA2, and have no problem giving it a 9 or 10 out of 10. I disagree with them, vehemently, but they exist in no small numbers.

I know there were real controversies with game reviews, and that many game reviewers can be considered the lowest form of critics - as in there's no real bar to cross to be a good one - but that can be said of movie reviewers as well.
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September 8th, 2013, 16:12
Well said Merin, I agree with your every word.
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September 9th, 2013, 19:30
I'm an old school gamer but I tend to be much less critical of DA2 than many, so for me it rates a 7/10. It would have been a really sweet game with turn-based combat on a hex grid: probably an 8 or 9. But that's obviously not to everybody's taste.
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