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Default Morrowind - The Ultimate Morrowind Quiz

September 23rd, 2013, 22:56
Shortlist has a new quiz for those that think they know everything about Morrowind.

The third instalment of one of the most heavily awarded gaming franchises of all time, Morrowind set a new benchmark for action role-playing games. So large was the game's scope that Bethesda tripled their staff numbers to undertake the project.

To prevent you from twiddling your thumbs and replaying Skyrim for the umpteenth time as you await the release of The Elder Scrolls Online, we thought we'd compile an exceedingly tricky quiz to stir up fond memories of this classic RPG.

Many fall, but one remains. Can you stand up to our Morrowind quiz?
More information.
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September 23rd, 2013, 22:56
Ah, only 13 out of 20. My memory escaped me…
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September 23rd, 2013, 23:29
Wow, I wasn't half bad - 15 ;-) I have a really crap memory and guessed a few things, but I supposed I have replayed it quite a few times… Sure there are plenty of lore buffs around here who will ace it.
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September 24th, 2013, 07:10
Some definite undulation in the degree of minutia covered with these questions; only 13 for me as well. Must say it's been 8 years now since I played the game…still listen to the soundtrack now and again.
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September 25th, 2013, 11:28
Thirteen for Morrowind and Oblivion. Seventeen for Skyrim.
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September 25th, 2013, 13:47
I scored 5 but I never completed Morrowind, nor got much farther than the first city (after the docks)…

Probably should try it again, when I get a long time to play. Probably need at least one full week (40-50 hours) methinks.
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