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Default The Mandate - Update #2, The Empress, Composing and Feedback

October 6th, 2013, 00:00
In this update the developers of The Mandate want to talk about Anastasia Romanova, the future Empress of the Mandate, Lubica Cekovska, theurvery own composer, and also they address some feedback from the community.

We've said the game has 1500 years of rich lore. Now, much of this has been written. There have been many battles, many deaths, and many characters in the story thus far, but we can't give you all that information in one chunk (as much as some of you would love it!). Certain exposition bonuses are reserved for reward tiers, which is one reason why we can't give you the whole thing, but more importantly, we want to introduce you to the characters in our own time. This week, we're introducing The Empress herself, Anastasia Romanova.

From her own sub-domain, you'll be able to read her background today and follow her journey from young woman to Anastasia Romanova by the Grace of God Holder of the Mandate, Empress of the United Colonies, Captain-Queen of the Romanov, written by our lead writer, posted on Twitter. Anastasia's Twitter feed will offer you insight into the rise of The Mandate, and what came before it as well as the complex political world that you, the player, will enter.

Moving on, we would like to introduce our composer, Lubica Cekovska and her orchestra. Based on the fantastic feedback on our orchestral theme we've created a feature which introduces Lubica Cekovska. A theater and film composer, we're thrilled to have her aboard (and anyone who says otherwise is vented out of the nearest airlock!). Check out rehearsals and music here!

More information.
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October 6th, 2013, 00:00
I really hope this project succeeds, but can't help wonder if it would be better off with investors or a publisher. I know crazy thought but a game of this size is very ambitious.
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October 6th, 2013, 00:48
I have always loved gaming music and I love it when they show the behind the scenes stuff like this. And I too hope this game is eventually published.
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