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Default Bioshock - E3 Previews @ IGN, GameSpot

July 12th, 2007, 16:13
IGN has an E3 preview of Bioshock, with Ken Levine revealing the game is basically done:
Irrational told us the game is pretty much finished at this point on Xbox 360, and they're still doing some tweaking for the PC. With increased media attention since E3 2006, Irrational is particularly excited about BioShock's release, specifically for what it means for games in the future. "All I want to do is be able to create more games like this," says Ken Levine. "That's all I care about in my career is just make more cool games, be able to break down some barriers, things that aren't World War II shooters. That's what I want for the industry, it's the games I want to play and the games I want to make. If BioShock's successful, that to me is a ticket for making more games like this. We're not going to mention any of the story elements in the game, because honestly, they'd be better to find out for yourself when the game releases later this August.
…next stop GameSpot:
Luckily you'll have plenty of methods for taking down foes. The first is proximity mines, which are handy in that you can set them wherever you like (on the floor, wall, or ceiling). When an enemy gets too close, boom goes the proximity grenade. The most basic use of the grenade is to set one on the floor and let it do its work. With a little creativity, however, the proximity can be much more interesting. You can attach it to a barrel, for example, then use your telekinesis to pick up the armed barrel and toss it at an opponent, effectively creating a superbomb. You can also use the proximity mine in conjunction with other accessories like the cyclone traps, which create miniature cyclones on the floor; when an enemy steps on it, he or she will be tossed to the ceiling, where your planted mines can be waiting for them to turn them into mincemeat.
More information.
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July 12th, 2007, 16:13
I've been feeling better about this game ever since Ken Levine starting saying that it's a first and foremost an FPS and not an RPG, since the RPG elements don't look special at all. I worry sometimes when I hear him talk about the game though, because he seems to have an unrealistic view of how revolutionary or unique the game is. But still, the game sounds like it's going to be pretty scary and I'm always in the mood for a good scary game. System Shock 2 to me was the scariest game of all time and I can't think of a single game by Irrational that wasn't great.
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July 13th, 2007, 02:13
I understood the fantastic GamersWithJobs preview that way that Levine had to say itīs an action game. Because FPSes sell better than RPGs.
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