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Default Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight - Update #3, Letís Talk Magic

October 6th, 2013, 15:48
Druid Gameworks has another update for Unwritten:Echoes of Twilight with details about the games magic system.

For this update weíre going to share a bit about the magic concepts in Unwritten: Echoes of Twilight. There are actually two different approaches to magic within our universe so this will be covered in two different updates.

In most RPGs magical ability of some kind is a default on all characters. The thinking being, if you want to play a non-magical character, you can just opt out of using it. Yet in game play you will often find yourself in situations that demand your non-magical character rely on magic to complete a puzzle or a quest to progress. Thatís not really allowing for a non-magic role play.

In the Unwritten series, players have a choice during CharGen to select magical alignment. If the player selects ďnoneĒ then they enter game play as a truly non-magic entity, forced to rely on good battle skills, poultices, magical companions, or healers to survive the dangers of Arthanswold and progress their tale. Letís take a look at what we call the ďInherent Magic SystemĒ in Unwritten; Magic that comes from within.
More information.
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October 6th, 2013, 15:48
Druid Gameworks shot too high for the amount of money they want, there's roughly 20 days left and they're not even 10% into the total amount.
They should've been more realistic in the value, while their team is comprised of veteran modders, they clearly show they know nothing of business.
This reminds me of Brenda Brathwaithe and Tom Hall, asking for a huge amount of money on the sole reason being their past as successful game designers.
Future shall tell.
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