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November 9th, 2013, 12:02
The Lords of Discord kickstarter failed to get funded and has a new update from the developers saying thank you and farewell.


Hi All,

So we have two pieces of news for you.

Firstly, it seems we didn't make it to our total. There are many reasons for that, we definitely made mistakes before and during campaign, and we are going to study those mistakes intently.

The second piece of better news, we are not going to lay down our tools just yet! We are considering a few options now:

1. Self-financing. It's not easy, as the project is quite expensive, but since we managed to reach this far with money from our own pockets we can try to do it again. It will definitely postpone the projected release dates, but we believe itís better late than never.

2. External-financing. During the campaign we received a few offers from other companies and individuals willing to invest in the project. Negotiations may take time and both parties need to weigh all the pros and cons before moving forward. Each of us has different points of view about the future of the project: how it should look, what the core gameplay should be, should it be freemium or premium amongst other things. Of course sometimes the two parties can't canít agree and have to part ways.

3. A new Kickstarter campaign. We don't know when that could happen or if it would happen at all but itís something we are considering. We can try to improve the project, make it more appealing to the audience, better spread the word and build a community - things we didnít focus on before that we can try now.

4. Steam, Early-access. While we we didnít make it here on Kickstarter, we are doing quite well on Greenlight.


We've made it to the Top 100 projects and maybe we can participate in an ďEarly Access ProgramĒ. This allows you to buy the alpha/beta version of the game and help provide testing and feedback, and funds to finish the game. But itís Steam who choose the projects for this program, not the fans, which provides a bit of uncertainty. So, thatís it.

We want to thank all who tried to make this project a reality and as good will gesture, weíd like to give out a few of our games for free. Backers can send their email address in a private message and in 1-2 weeks we will prepare a free game for you for PC or Android.

Best Regards,

More information.
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November 9th, 2013, 12:02
Like many games appearing on Kickstarter, I don't think it makes enough effort to differentiate itself from existing games in the genre. Maybe that's why it didn't generate too much excitement. And do all these games really have to look so similar? Personally I don't find the heavy cartoonish Kings Bounty type graphics at all attractive or immersive.
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