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Default Astral Terra - Update #3, First Week

November 14th, 2013, 22:06
Tethys Interactive has posted the third update for Astral Terra that goes over the first week of the project, and talks bout a new enemy concept called,"Death in the Dark".

First Week and New Enemy Concept Spotlight: Death in the Dark!

Greetings and Gratitude everyone!

It’s been a full week since we first launched this campaign and the support we've received here, on Steam, forums and just from random friends and strangers across the internet has been overwhelming. We couldn't be happier with the feedback we have received and have already worked on improving our existing build of the game as much as we can before sending it out for press previews this week!

New Enemy Concept, Death in the Dark

We've done a pretty good job of highlighting the environment and our world editing features thus far, but it wouldn't be a very engaging RPG (or game, for that matter) without something to fear, now would it? We've got a new enemy in the works, tentatively named “Death in the Dark” and you can check out a first glimpse from one of our artists, Adam Roth. The beat is inspired by the angler fish, mixed with a panther, plus a fungal disease. Make sense? Didn't think so, that’s why we have a picture of this badass beast!

(Click the link for the Image)

Over time, many creatures have wandered through the barriers between the mundane world and the realm of shadow. All that stay too long are warped by their contact with this plane of darkness and evil. These beasts are no exception. They are the product of generations of panthers infected by the dark twisted fungi of the shadow plane. Fusing with the fungus, their bodies have warped into hideous forms, yet the magic of the shadow realm fails to grant them death. Thus, these cunning predators have a unique arsenal of new weapons to aid them as they stalk their unwitting prey. The luminous fungal tendrils lure unsuspecting victims with the promise of warmth and light, only to lead to a toothy demise. As well as its luring ability, this beast defends itself by releasing a cloud of mind-altering chemicals. This miasma confuses the minds of its foes, causing them to strike out at shapes that exist only in their minds.
More information.
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November 14th, 2013, 22:06
Death in the Dark: inspired by Outlander?
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