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Default Astral Terra - Update #1, FAQs & New Screenshots

November 9th, 2013, 23:22
Tethys Interactive has posted the first update for Astral Terra with news of the new FAQ section, new screenshots. and gives a thank you to all backers.

FAQs, New Screenshots and a Public THANK YOU!

Greetings and gratitude to everyone!

It has been a full 48 hours since our Kickstarter launched and we are absolutely thrilled with the response and support that we have received so far. As of the time of this update, we have raised $2,834 and 99 backers total! Wow! When we started this campaign we knew it was going to be a long road, but the more backers we have and the more support we receieve, the easier that road becomes to travel. We couldn't do it without you, literally!

As for specific updates, we want to direct everyone to the newly implemented FAQ section (Kickstarter does not let you create that until the campaign is live) and we think it will help clear up a lot of questions people have been asking, including things like: system requirements, modding, DRM, how leveling works and a bunch of other details. You can view those down at the bottom of our campaign page.

Also, we have a couple new screenshots to show off down below. The first one is a nice dark, atmospheric shot in a dungeon of a dark elf female (shoutout to Gazz and Adam Hardy, it's not a mankini, but you get the idea ) and the second one is of a fey female in the forest. We really like both of these shots and hope all of you do as well.

Finally, we need to reiterate the extreme THANKS that we have for all of you and understand that we want to HEAVILY involve all of our backers throughout this process. Kickstarter allows us to not only fund our game because of you, but more importantly, connect with all of you!

Please spread the word and tell your friends about Astral Terra, we would be eternally in your debt. We can't wait to see how the rest of the campaign shapes up moving forward!

More information.
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November 9th, 2013, 23:22
It has a minecraft feel to it which is not a bad thing in my book. Plus I like how they are emphasizing exploration, which is what I basically center my game-play on when I play an open world RPG. I'm in.
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November 9th, 2013, 23:51
Mentioned that I need to see more details before backing it, but they ask only $15 for the thing. The whole thing. Not a horse armor or 30 minutes long DLC grind.

Means, I'm in too.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Astral Terra - Update #1, FAQs & New Screenshots
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