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December 7th, 2013, 14:39
There is a new blog post for Might & Magic X that talks about the power of relics.

The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of

If you’ve played the previous Might & Magic games, you know that feeling. You just completed a tough dungeon. You find a chest hidden in a secret room. You open it, heart full of hope. And inside, you find what you were looking for: a Relic.

Relics are unique and powerful items. In the previous games they were sometimes split in two categories: Relics and Artefacts. You might remember some of them from the old games: Aegis and Pellinore. Ghoulsbane and Iron Feather. The Mace of the Sun and the Scepter of Kings. Einherjar and Everstrike…

These powerful items are back in Might & Magic X Legacy, unified as a single category named simply Relics. Some are awarded by completing quests, other are found by killing bosses or hidden in the depths of the most dangerous dungeons. Relics don’t just have a unique name and icon; they also have a text description telling their story.

But there is something different about the Relics in Might & Magic X Legacy. The moment you find them, they are already powerful items. But they actually gain experience the longer you wear them, unlocking new bonuses, and revealing more of their lore.
More information.
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December 7th, 2013, 14:39
Pft, I dont like this bit by bit release with all that early access stuff. Gimme a complete game or none at all. I want to play complete games through.
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December 8th, 2013, 07:01
You don't even have to touch it till release if you don't want to and you should look at this as a beta (which it is) and just wait.
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