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Default Tides of Numenera - Post-Funding Update #27

December 24th, 2013, 15:27
InXile entertainment has posted a new post-funding update for Torment: Tides of Numenera with information about skills, exploration, story revisions, and the benefits of a lengthy preproduction.

Updated our Journal: Extra Effort

Just a quick update to talk about where we’re currently at as we enter the holiday season.

As you may have heard, the Wasteland 2 Early Beta went out to eligible backers last week and is now available on Steam as an early access title. The Wasteland 2 Beta was not part of any of our Torment tiers, but if you selected access to the Wasteland 2 Beta as an add-on, hopefully you saw one of our early announcements about this, received your beta key through the Torment pledge management system (pretty much all digital rewards for Torment pledges will be distributed through that system), and are playing it already. (If not, please write our support team and we’ll get it taken care of.)

Congratulations to the entire Wasteland 2 team for reaching this point!

A Few Words on Preproduction

For a while now, some of you have been asking when we’d be transitioning from preproduction to production. With Wasteland 2’s recent early beta release, you may be aware that the inXile team will be spending more time on that game to get it done right—one of the fundamental benefits of Kickstarter is that we have the direction from our backers to emphasize quality over punctuality. This decision impacts Torment because most of the production team (e.g., programmers, artists, animators, etc.) will be moving onto Torment later than originally expected, which means we’ll be in preproduction for a longer period of time.

We’ll let you know if we ever determine that Torment’s release will be delayed beyond the first half of 2015. Thus far, our extended preproduction has been a very good thing and at this time I don’t anticipate it will push us out of that release date window.
More information.
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December 24th, 2013, 15:27
Promotion Alert!

Adam Heine promoted to Design Lead.


Seriously I lost most curiosity regarding this game. The updates are so tediously worded its annoying to read them. After seeing what screenshots the Wasteland 2 team managed to bring to this world the first time, then watching videos and now the beta, Torment will have a long and very painful birth.

In the publisher era at least this crap was hidden from view.
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