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January 15th, 2014, 02:46
Eurogamer takes a look at the Early Access version of Project Zomboid.
"This is how you died."

This cheery caption appears not on the Game Over screen of Project Zomboid but right at the start, before you've even started playing. Straight away, it's setting your expectations to a more realistic level. In short: this is not a game you're going to win.

As the lone survivor of a zombie outbreak in the state of Kentucky, now locked down and quarantined, your goal is survival. Actual, proper survival, not the bastardised version we've been taught to expect from other games. It's not a test of strength or even cunning, but a test of your sheer bloody-mindedness. How can long can you persist in a truly hopeless situation, before you make a catastrophic mistake and end up torn to shreds?
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January 15th, 2014, 02:46
I'm afraid this would be one of those games that sounds like a ton of fun, until I play it.

Also, is there anyway to win, not sure I like the idea of just surviving until I don't. I need something to strive for rather than just 1 more day.
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January 15th, 2014, 07:54
I kind of like PZ, i just wish the exploring was a bit more interesting. It's all just too generic and bland. I sometimes found myself lost in the woods for example (i dont mind that at all, its a cool aspect of survival), but seeing the same generic landscape over and over for 20-25 minutes and just nothing there to find, that quickly becomes very, very dull.

This game would be amazing if it had some nice exploring, interesting things to find in nature; a cave, an anbandoned old house (unique, not clone no. 634), some unique areas (swamps etc). This really is a game that easily could go from "this a very interesting concept!" to "i could play this all year!".

I've been following it for ~2 years and development seems very, very slow to me understandable if its one guy, but this is a team of 6 people (if i remember right). Might turn into something _really_ great in ~5-10 years, but right now its just a really interesting concept, imo.
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January 15th, 2014, 11:43
I've been playing (or more exactly testing games) about survival for the past year. SO I gave this game a try.

The game take an uncompromising approach so survival is in.
Yet the gameworld is blank. Very good effort on the number of zombies. But after some time, the lack of anything else shows.
It is part of the post apocalyptic world to include a feature like community building. The game so far does not include other survivors. And it shows.
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