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February 3rd, 2014, 17:17
Originally Posted by daveyd View Post
To be fair, wasn't "full price" like $20? (Unless you bought the deluxe edition with the soundtrack stuff). I think the problem with Shadowrun Returns is some people were apparently expecting a "full length" RPG (that is something the same size / scope as a AAA title). Yeah "Dead Man's Switch" is (too) short, but a big part of the draw for SRR was them releasing the editor. There's already been some decent UGC (although most of it is a WIP) and it's all 100% free. Have you tried any of that? Now I suppose if you don't like the combat system or basic mechanics you wouldn't be interested… But anyone who watched the alpha gameplay video basically knew what to expect in that aspect.
The context was about waiting for a sale - and I didn't wait for a sale.

I expected an RPG - not a linear adventure game with minimal interaction and middling combat.

I thought it was a very underwhelming title rushed to release.

But to each his own.

I just don't see how you can call SRR returns a cash grab, but call something like Skyrim good. Yes, Skyrim has great graphics and soundtrack and a huge world but it's so BORING IMO. A bunch of glorified fetch quests. And terrible clunky controls. But to each his / her own, I guess.
The last part is the explanation for how people can think differently about all kinds of things




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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Shadowrun: Dragonfall - New Release Date
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