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February 2nd, 2014, 10:03
Here are two more Early Access previews for Larians RPG Divinity: Original Sin.


While everything is looking very promising so far, the alpha is extremely buggy. A lot of content isnít implemented yet, there are various balancing issues and simple game-breaking bugs that will force you to restart every so often. Most importantly, save files will not be compatible with updated versions, meaning you will have to repeat a lot of the game later if you want to play it now. In its current early state itís really only an attractive investment for die-hard fans.
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There is still a while to go before Divinity: Original Sin sees a full release date, but this is a game that all RPG fans should be excited for. The part Iíve seen seems to be ramping up for an epic quest, and one that begs you to experience it as you see fit. There is a living, breathing world here to explore. Be the hero and complete every quest along the way or burn it all to the ground. With so many ways to play and progress, it really puts the RP in RPG. There are numerous big named titles in the genre releasing in the next year, but this might be the RPG to top them all.

More information.
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February 2nd, 2014, 10:03
, the alpha is extremely buggy
Is saying the same thing twice for me. They should forbid previews of early access stuff.

Original sin is the first game in a long time I'm a bit excited for. I have only seen the original kickstarter video, but I really liked the look and feel + the combat. I have no doubt I'm going to like Larian's crazy story-telling.

I only hope they get the combat right, with the interaction of spells and the environment (freezing stuff, etc.). I wonder if this will extended to melee characters too: a swordfighter with a shield can push someone against the wall (damage and/or stunning him?), or into the thorn bushes ;-), or push someone back over a rock so he falls, etc. This would open a lot of tactical possibilities and seems like a lot of fun.
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