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February 11th, 2014, 16:15

Server is a SUCCESS! We started from the beggining with more than 350 people online. Now just 1 day from opening we are more than 500!
Join us, you'll enjoy the server!

If you have problems, please contact us sending a private msg to www.facebook.com/MuNoMercy?ref=hl

Server Info:

Name: Mu NoMercy
Files: Season 6 Episodio 3 (Files IGC Premium)
Web: www.munomercy.com/slow
Forum: http://www.munomercy.com/foro/
Monster HP: 100%
Exp: 10x.
Drop: 30%
Points /lvl : 5 / 7
Host: 1gbps with protection DDoS to 30GBPS. (EXCELENT)
ON: 24/7
Lag: 0

Reset System:

Reset lvl: 400
Max resets: 7
Cost: 100.000.000
How to reset: /Reset
Master lvl max: 200
Reset mode: Clear stats. Every reset 350 points.
Prize: Reward item every reset.


Spot's: 5-6 mobs and HOT spots.

Shop's: Basic

Buff Elf Soldier: To lvl 150.

Helper: From lvl1


Chaos Machine:

Wings Level 1: 100%.
Wings Level 2: 90%.
Wings Level 3: 40%.

Item +10: 75 %
Item +11: 70%
Item +12: 65%
Item +13: 60%
Item +14: 55%
Item +15: 50%


Jewel Of Soul without Luck : 50%
Jewel Of Soul with Luck : 75%
Jewel Of Life : 60%


Create guild: 200.
MadicGladiator: 220.
DarkLordo: 250.
Summoner: 150.
RageFighter: 250.


Blood Castle: Online
Devil Square: Online
Chaos Castle: Online
Castle Deep: Online
Crywolf: Online
Imperial Fortress: Online
Kanturu: Online
Dimensional Mirror: Online
Ilusion Temple: Online
Castle Siege: Working 100%

More info:

Balanced PVP system.
All Maps, Npcs y Mobs
All skills working.
Dimensional mirror and Imperial Fortress running for LVLs.
Goblin points system available.
Duel system 100%.
Santa Village.
Skill Tree 100%.
Socket system.
Skill Tree RF.
Event Doble Goer.
Event Imperial Guard.
Event Santa Village.
Skill Tree Summoner.
Items +14 y +15
Drops GMO like.
You can disconnect your friend's characters.


X SHOP: We only sell pets, tickets and some jwls but NO ITEMS.

We are about to buy a new website for non spanish people, it'll be ready in a couple of days. But for these days I will help you.

Create your acc go to REGISTRARSE.
Download the game go to DESCARGAS
Forum go to COMUNIDAD
Contact the Staff in CONTACTO
To donate with credit card go to Comprar con Tarjeta de Credito
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