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February 17th, 2014, 19:41
Randy from Gaming Nexus never played the original Fallout. He decided to finally play the game, and document it as he went along. So far he has two episodes.

You can read his journey here and here. Enjoy.

Sixteen years ago, in a pair of unrelated events, I joined the U.S. Navy while Interplay Entertainment launched the original Fallout. Instead of exploring the wasteland and collecting bottle caps, I sat on the beach in Guam and sipped Zombie cocktails. Military life was rough. So, in the successive years between then and now, it's come to my attention that Iíve missed an important game or two; something I plan to remedy in our new Saved Game series.

Fallout takes place in the year 2161, but looks like it froze in time just after World War II. The music and architecture all point toward the United States built by Americaís Greatest Generation. While rooted in tabletop role-playing games, Fallout hops back and forth between real-time exploration and turn-based combat. Itís universally considered one of the best computer RPGs of all time.

But until now, I've never played it. John Yan, owner of Gaming Nexus, claims he doesn't even know me anymore.

So letís watch as I blindly stumble through Fallout, ignoring instruction manuals, YouTube Letís Plays, and billions of online walkthroughs. This may not end well.
More information.
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February 17th, 2014, 19:41
Kind of fun read, although I have a hard time taking anyone that uses a premade character seriously…
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