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Default Frayed Knights - Review @ Greenlighters

February 19th, 2014, 16:13
The Rampant Coyote shared a link to a new video review for his RPG Frayed Knights.


The one thing that this video tells me, along with a few other sites that have just “discovered” Frayed Knights, is that I suck at marketing. Badly. I definitely need to work on that with the sequel.
More information.
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February 19th, 2014, 16:13
During the holidays I thought Frayed Knights had been approved for Steam Greenlight, but Rampant Coyote hadn't had the time, to get it all setup for the holiday sale. This week I went by again, but it seemed it has not been Greenlight…..ugh I spend to much time half awake/sleep!

Here's the link in case someone hasn't voted.
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February 20th, 2014, 00:43
Sounds like a recurring stress dream / nightmare I might have…
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