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Default Pantheon - Update# 53, Final Kickstarter Hours

February 22nd, 2014, 15:04
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's kickstarter is entering the final hours, and Visionary Realms has an update on the game to help raise more funds.

Approaching the Final Kickstarter Hours

As we approach the last 24 hours of the Kickstarter, we wanted to give a shout out to all of our backers and community who have proved over the last 40 days that there is a market for a return to classic-style MMO gaming. Your support and actions have been inspiring for the past 39 days and we're all very much looking forward to hearing more from you over the next years to come as Pantheon heads into full development mode.

Over 3,000 of you heard the call and wanted to get on board and have already pledged over $400,000 to see this game made - no small feat and it speaks volumes about community for this game. We've already seen the interest, and now's the time to reach even further. We're going to continue to reach out not only within the next 24 hours, but beyond, to make sure that everyone hears about this game. We already know the interest is there - now it's a matter of what we can do to make the product appealing enough to continue pledging towards.

We still have a little over $375k that we can reach for within this last day on the Kickstarter, so let's all give it that extra push. Spreading the word through social networks, word of mouth and screaming from the rooftops will continue to get this project closer to completion. We've seen the passion in the community and if anyone can do it, we can.

For the final day we're also removing the caps off of the tiers - so if there's a tier you or your friends have been waiting for, now's the time! Also remember we have a whole load of addons to flesh out your Pantheon pledge.

As a little extra incentive, if we can reach the $800,000 goal before the Kickstarter closes, we'll offer ALL Kickstarter pledgers unlimited access to the post-Kickstarter development site for three months as an extra thank you. There you'll be able to interact directly with the team and become a part of the development of the game.

Thank you all again from the Visionary Realms team, and can't wait to see how the next 24 hours unfold! We're very proud of this community and are looking forward to many more good times ahead.
More information.
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February 22nd, 2014, 15:04
A little extra push?

I wonder how long it will be until we start to see studies being done to see what tier rewards work and how many "early bird" specials are worth doing, Kickstarter consulting firms, "fund me" advertisements on Google Ads, and other such support structures? It really seems to be the wild west out there right now with developers working for months just to get a pitch together and then guessing wildly at how to run the campaign.
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February 22nd, 2014, 17:56
Well, don't try MMO's might be one advice. There's still a steady stream of MMO's hitting the market without Kickstarter, so if you want to use Kickstarter you should aim for the type of games that doesn't get funded by publishers. At least thatäs how I see it.

SotA might be an exception, but on the other hand Lord British is still held in high regard by many despite his less than stellar track record the last decade, and it still isn't quite sure if it is an MMO you can play offline or a single player game you can play online. Or somewhere in between.
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