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March 21st, 2014, 12:09
Basilisk Games has a post on the games forums I missed from last week that a new patch is now available for Eschalon: Book III. Here are the patch details.

Eschalon: Book III Version 1.02


[Fixed] Forgotten spells are dropped from Quickselect so they can't be cast
[Fixed] Alundar's dungeon closes (under certain conditions) if player leaves that map.
[Fixed] Shrock unlimited Skills Permit Bug
[Fixed] Unlimited gold bug from Logi in Rockhammer
[Fixed] A couple badly placed swicthes causing problems when people used powder kegs / Minor map adjustments
[Fixed] Command + Q exits game (MacOS)


[Fixed] Pressing ESC at end-game decision autoselects "Path A" and allows game to end.
[Fixed] Killing Baelgar opens his gate permanently.
[Fixed] Returning to Akadai Underground without a Fetid Grubb Tumor will magically drop one so you can leave.
[Fixed] Opening Kingspawn's chest angers Kingspawn.
[Fixed] Fire alone does not trigger switches.
[Fixed] Script error when hitting switches.
[Fixed] Set content items generated with appropriate materials.
[Added] Ability to load .map files within /mod folder.

Download link for Windows version. Must have a Basilisk Games Registration code: http://basiliskgames.com/files/eb3_setup.exe
More information.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Eschalon: Book III - New Patch Available
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