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March 23rd, 2014, 18:21
Bioware has a new post on the company's official blog with Mass Effect 3 Lead Combat Designer Corey Gaspur who talks about the various weapons in the game.

The Way of the Gunsword

Mass Effect 3 Lead Combat Designer Corey Gaspur has a virtual armory list full of wild and impractical weapon ideas. Some describe how the weapon should work, such as the one-shot, high-powered, extremely accurate rifle that would eventually become the Mattock. And some—like the shotgun pitchfork—are delightfully blunt.

“Literally anything goes (during brainstorming),” Gaspur says. “The shotgun pitchfork sounds silly, but it could work. If you throw on an Omni-tool with a three-pronged bayonet, I could totally see it working.”

The combat team then refines the mountain of gunchucks, spike grenades, and lightning swords, picking out their favorites and discussing how they can and should function. As the Mass Effect trilogy evolved and more lore was established, they began to design weapons based around each faction’s composition was and how it fought.

The brutal krogan enjoy getting up close and personal in fights to take advantage of their hardened bodies and ferocious strength. As a result, their weapons were envisioned as power tools, Gaspur says: heavy, blunt, and efficient. “We wanted them to feel like chainsaws or jackhammers,” he says.

“For Cerberus, our central idea was high-tech, clean, and streamlined. The important thing is making sure each faction has a coherent theme.”
More information.
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March 23rd, 2014, 18:21
No doubt the "combat team" was a huge part of ME3. After all, by the time of ME3 virtually all coherent story aspects of the game had been abandoned.

Dark energy? Huh? Mass effect? What's that? Who cares?

This game was all about unexplained but oh-so-scary monsters popping out of the woodwork at every turn. And oh-so-cool designer weapons available in the player's choice of stylish colors for shooting at the who-cares-where-they-came-from scary-scary monsters.

All leading up to a three color ending featuring a scary ghost appearing literally out of nowhere. Spouting nonsense. Introducing foundation-less electronic DNA. All emanating from the quantum vacuum defining the new BioWare.

Indeed. There can be no doubt the designer weapons team played major role in ME3.

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March 23rd, 2014, 21:31
Way of the gunsword?
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! They really think ppl bought those turn the gun into melee weapon modifications and not more damage?

But in fact… Who needs any weapon mod at all.
Citadel introduces an armor killer PISTOL (with it you kill a mech with 3 shots, yes). For god's sakes…
And if you'd love a gun more, Omega brings the unbelievably OP assault rifle no other can come even close.

After seeing what they did to the gameplay with their "fantastic design of DLC weapons", I still can't believe the amount bullshit those Bioware designers can drop today.
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