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Default Legends of Eisenwald - Development Diary #10

March 28th, 2014, 17:52
Aterdux Entertainment has posted the next Developer Diary for Legends of Eisenwald. In the update they talk about a new patch, and share an afterword for GDC 2014.

Developers Diaries #10: Patch 0.91 & GDC

Hello everyone! We again are here to tell you what changes were made in the game between patches 0.908 and 0.91.

  • Faster rendering by 30%! This is because a new multi-threaded mechanism was introduced and significant optimization;
  • Now your saves can be saved in Steam Cloud, so they wonít be lost!
  • Animation for potions drinking is added;
  • Two new bosses were added (but you wonít see them for now);
  • New story pictures have been added to the events (also, you wonít see them for now);
  • New interface is 60% done (and as we said before, we wonít include it in an update until it is fully done);
  • A bug with archers low damage has been fixed;
  • Over 20 smaller bugs have been fixed.

Last week we showed our game at GDC Play. We had a little stand, with two banners (picture) and in particular a banner with a dead knight was quite an attraction, many people took a picture of it.

A few of our Kickstarter backers came by, and it was fun to talk to them. We prepared a special map just with combat because the format of the expo is not really well suited to show the gameplay at great length. Overall, everyone who played really enjoyed the game, and it was really good to see how well the game was received.

One of our goals however was to attract media. That goal we didnít reach Ė GDC Play doesnít seem to be a good place for this. Neither our PR agency was able to convince some journalists to come by our stand nor the journalists themselves stopped, there are lots of other things happening there at the conference and on the expo floor. GDC still remains the best conference around but GDC Play might not be the best option for indies, especially for a hardcore game like Legends of Eisenwald where itís hard to show the gameplay in a short amount of time.
More information.
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March 28th, 2014, 17:52
*** Now your saves can be saved in Steam Cloud, so they wonít be lost!
However did we cope without the cloud to rescue our fragile save games.

Pity they couldn't attract some media though. Maybe next time change your banner to read "Modern Call of Warfare Duty Eisenwald". Apparently that draws the crowds.
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March 28th, 2014, 18:02
Still waiting for them to officially release the game. Liked what I saw when I screwed around with the beta for 10 min., enough so that I wanted to wait.
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March 28th, 2014, 18:37
The only reason I could see wanting online saves is if playing on different computers. The chance an online save gets torpedoed seems far worse than on my computer. I cite the Ubisoft forums to support my claim.
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