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April 8th, 2014, 07:44

Hello everyone my name is Niko Cummings, and I am new to rpg watch.
Texo is an online Game im working on which will be officially released as beta in the next few months.

Take advantage of singing up on the forums to get access to exclusive test downloads. Test downloads will be available, these versions will be online. When the test periods are over the servers will be turned off. Get access!

Texo is a 2d online sandbox style rpg. Players are thrown into a massive 2d world with hopes of surviving and thriving upon the land. Mining ores in Texo can only be done underground within the randomly placed dungeons within Texo. The rulers of texo do not permit mining above land because destorying the land lowers retail value of the area. Theres a catch though, these dungeons house some of the most vile creatures that exsist in Texo. Sure there are plenty of forrest, dessert and snow creatures to fight… But that is just boring. This means in order to obtain crucial materials used to craft the majority of items found in the world of texo, you must take a risk. Risk everything or die trying..

Tiles(squares) of land can be purchased for in game gold. Land can be more expensive or less expensive depending on the region or area of Texo you are purchasing in. This concepts allows players to build citys, towns and community's. Crops can be planted and farms can be built!

Survive with friends or destroy your enemies inside the dungeons! Yes certain areas of the dungeons are dedicated to player vs player killing!! Create and join guilds, then add guild members to your party system to train or pk while sharing experience!


Texo World was created with Eclipse origins open source orpg maker. The base of the gaming elements are currently being developed with this engine, and the majority of the sandbox elements are not yet created. Things like random events, skills, items, monsters and other npcs, pking, resources, combat, chat and much more are from eclipse.

Currently I am looking for a programmer fluent in vb6(I know its mainly a dead language but the whole game is based off this language) who can help expand my engine a bit. Mainly by adding some of the elements in which will turn the game into a changing world by the player. Like the ability to purchase land, build and place objects on the land. Most other features are already present in this engine. If you are interested in applying for this position please email me at [email protected] or apply with examples of experience in the forums.
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