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April 20th, 2014, 16:57
Ross Tunney has cancelled his kickstarter Fractured Reality after funding has crawled to a stop. He released a few messages in the comment section with more information.

Ross Tunney

@Gabriel - Above all else, we're not relaunching this project. KS campaigns are very predictable, and the first week gives a strong impression of how the campaign is going to pan out. I didn't cancel the project because it's hard; I cancelled it because it isn't getting the attention it needs to get off the ground. But hey, I don't expect you to understand.

I'm just one man, and this project has had be stretched way too far.

For the record, the ONLY reason that I started work on Reboot before I cancelled this campaign was because I had trouble bringing it down (security issues)! It wasn't an act of disrespect to you guys, since this campaign obviously wasn't getting funded.

So yes, I am sorry to see you go Gabriel, but I can't please everybody.

@Sector - Thank you. I agree whole-heartedly, regardless of some people's attitude towards the decision. I know what you mean about the logo- it was a TERRIBLE experience with a freelancer that further highlights the cons of running a game studio like this. FR needs a proper, full-time team working on it, otherwise it's not going anywhere.

This is one of the reasons KS is so great! We developers can test the water before we sink too many resources into it. FR has hit a roadblock for now, and honestly, I'm happy to be returning to the realm of 2 dimensions.

Thanks for your continued support dude
More information.
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April 20th, 2014, 16:57
I was interested in this but not as a KS project. The guy seemed to ambitious but easily upset or swayed. I didnt think he had much of a chance. I suspect he was hoping people to throw money at it because of of all the FF nostalgia.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Fractured Reality - Funding Canceled
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