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June 16th, 2014, 04:19
When I got rid of my Xbox a few years back I unfortunately forgot to backup my savegames.

I bought KotOR on PC recently and want to continue approximately where I left the game on Xbox. Since I couldn't find an appropriate savefile, I've downloaded KotOR Savegame Editor (KSE). I'm 30 hours in, and have played the first 10 hours twice, totaling a playtime of 40 hours, so I don't want to restart the game.

But how do I use KSE properly? I guess choosing which quests I've completed isn't that big of an issue (just need to kick the old brain a bit), but I only have a vague idea of which level I was, and what kind of equipment, weapons and skills a had. Does anyone know, based on my play order/status what I should choose, so I don't become over- or under-powered?

I played as a Soldier and mostly on the Light Side. I've visited these main locations and in the following order (and have done the main quests in each location):

Endar Spire
Kashyyyk - this is where I'm now, and only at the beginning so a restart here isn't a problem
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June 17th, 2014, 15:13
I think it doesn't matter so much in Kotor you are always overpowered

I completed the game with each character in underwear.
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June 20th, 2014, 16:23
Death by ugly underwear, I can get behind that.

Thanks for the tip about being overpowered - couldn't remember if the game was easy or just average in that regard.

Just read that there's no level scaling (couldn't remember that either), so I think I'm just going to download* a save with one or two planets "completed" and then try and adjust the leveling so it's close to the enemies. Items and skills is going to be a bit trickier but I'll try and simply multiply a bit.

* Will probably ask on the official forum first, if someone has a save with a similar progression to mine.
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