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Default [AD] MU Versus 22x EXP||25% Drop Rate||S6 Ep3||No Reset

June 25th, 2014, 10:45


If yes, then you have come to the right place, be prepared for the best game play experience you will ever get to try.

WHY MU VERSUS?Because our aim is to be unique and offer you experience you can't get anywhere else, server is long-termination, dedicated & DDoS protected. All players are equal, a server where administration listens to all player suggestions and feedback.A server where money does not affect game play.

Links to MU VERSUS:
Website: http://muversus.eu
Forum: http://forum.muversus.eu
Downloads: http://muversus.eu/downloads/
Register: http://muversus.eu/register/

Server is hosted on OVH.
Availability: 99.982%
CPU: Intel Xeon E5 4c/8t
RAM: 64 GB 1600MHz
Connection: 1 Gbps

What's so special about MU VERSUS?
  • Free starter gift pack!
    99% UP time, 1% left for updates!
    Best boss rewards you will ever find!
    All event rewards were totally remade!
    Balanced jewel and event boxes drops!
    Friendly and experienced Game Masters!
    Offline trade system using Premium coins!
    Vote for the first time and get +7+DSR set!
    Most active players are rewarded with Loyalty coins!
    Server is based on professionally coded IGCN mu files!
    Character classes were balanced in 3 weeks of hard work!
    No overpowered excellent ancient & excellent socket items!
    Premium coins can be gained for voting, donating and trading items with players!
    No overpowered donators, no sets & weapons can be bought at all, NO FO SETS


Detailed Information

Season 6 Episode 3
22x experience rate
33x master experience rate
22% item drop rate
Implemented Ribbon box event
Implemented Lucky Coin event
Beautiful new spots all over the maps
Implemented Halloween pumpkin event
Enabled Multi-warehouse system (usage: type /ware '0-10')
Enabled Offline trade system (usage: open store, type /offlinetrade, close client)
Multi-client feature restricted to 2 accounts per player (includes off shop)


Item Information

Max item level: +15;
Max item option: +16;
Max excellent item options: 2;
Max socket item sphere level: 5;
Max excellent item from bok: Dark Phoenix, etc…
Max excellent item from boss: Great Dragon, etc…


Chaos Machine Rates

+10 70%;
+11 65%;
+12 60%;
+13 55%;
+14 50%;
+15 45%;
Luck +15%;
All other mixes gmo-like.


Jewel Rates

Soul: 65%;
Luck: +15%;
Life: 65%;
All other jewel rates gmo-like.


Events Information

Kanturu event active;
Doppelganger event active;
Imperial Fortress event active;
Crywolf everyday at 17:45 ST;
Castle deep everyday at 16:00 ST;
Skeleton king Invasions 3 times a day;
White Wizard Invasions every 3 hours;
Red dragon Invasions 5 times a day;
Golden dragon Invasions 3 times a day;
Devil Square every 4 hours, 10% increased exp;
Chaos Castle every 4 hours, 50% ancient reward;
Blood Castle every 4 hours, 10% increased exp, customized rewards;


Loyalty Coins

+1 for every hour spent in-game;
+35 for winning Blood Castle event;
+35 for completing Devil Square event;
+50 for winning Chaos Castle event;
+60 for completing Crywolf event;
+70 for killing Nightmare boss;
+70 for killing Selupan boss;
+35 for completing Doppelganger event;
+70 for killing Imperial Fortress boss;
+70 for killing Kundum boss;
+100 for killing Medusa boss;

So come. Let's play a good MU server. I'll wait for you InGame.ray:
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