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July 11th, 2014, 15:50
Visionary Realms Brad McQuaid posted two more updates for Pantheon.

Update 7/7

We now have 4 World Builders on the team, each of them working on a zone. I'm attaching some screenshots of their very early work in progress. They are using World Machine -- I wanted to thank all of you who've pledged $$ -- this allowed us to buy the licenses we needed for World Machine (and other software too, of course). Again, this is early stuff, but 1. I think it shows some cool potential and 2. The community deserves to see what the team is working on, regardless of how 'finished' or 'polished' it looks. (let me know if you agree).

Update 7/7 part 2

Here's another look inside of Visionary Realms: These are screenshots of the very early Windows database tool that Game Designers will use to create NPCs, items, quests, etc. It's a windows client that talks right to our MS SQL database. All MMOs have (or should have) something like this -- there has to be an efficient way to get content into the game. In the next few weeks, the zone server will actually load the encounter data and place NPCs into the world. Then, finally, we'll start turning some combat back on (that's server authoritative).

More information.
Check my Google+ page for more news as I update everyday.

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July 11th, 2014, 15:50
Would love to see this game released but I do not think I can trust Brad. Would be the kind of MMO I would play.
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