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Default Lords of Xulima - Now Available on Steam

August 9th, 2014, 21:20
Numantian Games has a new update for Lords of Xulima with news the game is now available on Steam Early Access. Here is all the information about the release.!


This is a quick update to announce that finally Lords of Xulima is available on Steam as Early Access. The price is $16.99, as it is not yet the full game, which will eventually increase. You are invited to visit our Steam Store Page, as well as write reviews and leave comments in the discussion forum. Thank you to all that have already written awesome comments and reviews praising Lords of Xulima. You are the best!!

Added Steam Features!

We have implemented some of the Steam features such as Trading Cards. There is one card for every one of the Nine Xulnari, cool Badges and emoticons, and some backgrounds. There are also 13 new achievements and we will eventually be adding some more. By the way, there is one called, "The Lord of Xulima" which you get when you finish the game in Hardcore mode, (good luck guys…)

Next Goals!

Here is what we have in our list of tasks for the next big update:
  • Unlock the rest of regions: Rasmura, Devonia, Vilak, Varas Talak and the western part of Nagira.
  • Include the awesome talking artifact, "The Talisman of Golot". But be careful because it was created by the same God as the one who created the Talking Skulls in the Towers of Sorcery. If you have entered in one of those towers, you will know what I am speaking about…
  • MAC and Linux port, installer and Steam integration.
If you like Lords of Xulima please share it with your friends, and mention it in forums or in your social networks. Anything you can do to spread the word counts, we really appreciate your help.

More information.
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August 9th, 2014, 21:20
I pretty much never try betas but Numantian sent me a Steam key and I was too curious to not try it.

When you begin the game you create your 5 party members. All you choose at creation is the character's class, gender, portrait, which god they worship, and a starting weapon. Starting abilities are predetermined for each class but each god gives a different kind of bonus to your stats, so you don't really miss out much in way of customization by not being able to create Gaulen. There's currently 9 classes- Divine Summoner isn't in yet. Gaulen's class, Explorer, is similar to a Ranger in D&D; he's sort of a well rounded fighter and has herbalism and camouflage skills. Once you level up, you'll have full control over what abilities and skills to advance, just like all your other party members. Herbs seem like they'll be pretty useful because gold is scarce.

The game has three difficulty settings; I'm trying it out on "classic" (normal) and it seems to be pretty challenging. Like D:OS this is an RPG that doesn't really hold your hand. Your party starts out with absolutely no armor so you have to acquire some while still making sure you have enough food which is needed to rest. Aside from a few crashes and couple of typos the game seems totally playable in it's current state. The combat system works pretty well; my only real complaint is that I find the enemy attack animations a bit slow. But I've played enough to determine that will be an awesome old school cRPG when it's released in full. I promised myself I wouldn't go very far in the beta, so I think I'll start a new game to try out the remaining classes and then try not to touch it again until release day.
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August 9th, 2014, 21:53
I bought the beta version, and like daveyd says, this game does not hold your hand at all. I took the premade group with a difficulty level of normal…I was killed in less than a minute. I did not stand a chance. I am going to study up on the different people that I can use in my party. The default party sucks!! This game reads like Wizardry 8, which I really enjoyed.
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August 9th, 2014, 23:09
And I got the key via e-mail but… No betatesting, sorry. No time, no nerves.
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August 10th, 2014, 01:55
So I spent a few hours just out of curiosity.

I can confirm what daveyd said. And I might add that LoX indeed somehow reminds me on Expeditions: Conquistador: You have a party (visualized by a single figure on the map) and move around. While it's not actually turn-based, every distance you move you spent food. So just running around doing nothing is bad. You have a town where you can resupply, which costs money. You can rest anywhere except in "dangerous locations". These are areas of the map (may be exteriors interiors) where you can't rest. Additionally in these areas you may be ambushed by enemies you don't see on the map, with the possibility of evasion, depending on skills. Normally enemies statically stand on the map, where you can attack them when you feel ready.

I tried with generating a party, creating a soldier, a thief, a mage, a cleric and a bard without optimizing (due to lack of knowledge of the system). I've managed to solve the first 2 quests (clean an interior and an exterior area) and get 2 level ups.
I hadn't wanted to play that long, but it's quite challenging and finally beating a mob you were too weak to beat before is quite motivating.

In conclusion LoX seems to be a small, decent game you can have fun with. I'm looking forward to creating an optimized party kicking ass.

What I don't like is that you're stuck with the party leader, where name, class and portrait ist chosen and can't be changed. I felt zero identification with that character. That could have been done better.
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