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August 12th, 2014, 22:41
I found another interview on RPGamer this week with Brian Fargo.

How has the response been for the Early Access for Wasteland 2?

Brian Fargo: Very good. People liked what they were seeing and felt we were delivering on what was outlined from the start, delivering on the Wasteland 2 we promised and for the people we expected. But, itís also been good in the sense that we got a lot of quality, constructive feedback, and Early Access has given us not just a means to gather more of that feedback, but also the funds, so we can take our time to process and work with that feedback. Fans who have been in Early Access since the start will have seen how much the game has been improved, and the fans that waited will get a more polished and robust game thanks to it.

Do you have any specific examples of gameplay mechanics or features that have been changed due to the Early Access feedback, or was it relegated more to bug fixing?

Brian Fargo: There have been a number of changes. There are points of system balance, such as beefing up the usefulness of Charisma. There are points of level design, such as adding more instances where Alarm Disarm, or Demolitions for disarming traps are more useful. Or itís minor points, such as the fact that all Wasteland 1 followers were found in the gravesite in Ranger Citadel, and this came as a bit of a shock to players who had grown fond of them, so we changed a number of gravestones. In a broader sense, it also lets us know what features people really value and use frequently, so we can prioritize them, such as putting back in a local map functionality. This is important info to have both for now, and for possible post-release work. The beauty of this process is that we took all the feedback that normally comes post launch, and moved into production where we could react to it.
InXile Entertainment also shared a new update on the games localization.

Our awesome translators at Get Localization are almost through the gameís text, but thereís still reason to jump on board as we recently added the WL2 game manual, all 90 pages/~20,000 words of it. The offer of a copy of the beta+game if you pass 250 strings still stands!
We also have a new Steam key for Wasteland 2 to give away. So if you're interested just visit the following link, and enter the contest for the Steam Key.

More information.
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August 12th, 2014, 22:41
Wondering if they will be able to finish the game at all within one month. From the forums and the game itself it looks like it could be quite an buggy/unbalanced release, considering they just made major changes/additions in "their last patch before release" and the second half of the game isn't even playable.

Besides of the character system my biggest disappointment in that game is what became of combat. This isn't what turn based combat should look like. It looks rough, overview is bad, and your options are down to a minimum. From the short time I spent with the game I would say that Expeditions Conquistador, Divinity: OS or Shadowrun Returns have a much, much better functioning combat system.
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August 12th, 2014, 22:48
I agree they dropped the ball with the combat system. I'm still looking forward to the release but I expect it to be above average (if writing/C&C is good) rather than good or great. That would still be a huge achievement for the budget.
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