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August 21st, 2014, 16:55
Behind Games has some new details and screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In Dragon Age: Inquisition there will be 4 different Races: Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Qunari.

Dwarves are short, stocky, and most spend their entire lives underground. Those living in exile on the surface are commonly merchants or smugglers. Because dwarves have no connection to the Fade, they cannot be mages, but receive a 25% bonus to Magic Defense.

Elves are a historically oppressed people, distinguishable by their lithe frames and pointed ears. Though most survive in the poorest fringes of human cities, others live as nomads known as the Dalish. Elves receive a bonus of 25% to Ranged Defense.

The Qunari are a race of horned giants who follow a strict religious text known as the Qun. Those who have abandoned its principles are known as Tal-Vashoth and often work as mercenaries. Qunari characters get a bonus of 50 to Health.

Humans are the most numerous and powerful race in Thedas. They are also the most divided politically and seem to thirst for conflict. Human characters receive a bonus ability point at the start of the game.

In addition here is some new details about the three classes:


Those who can tap into the raw energy of the Fade and block the whispering temptations of demons are truly exceptional. When they turn that mental focus onto the field of war, they can be truly terrifying opponents. Rains of fire, walls of ice, or even the ability to heal allies make up a mageís toolkit. Most employ considerable skills rendering foes not only weakened, but also vulnerable to physical attacks, setting up opportunities for their teammates to exploit.


Armed with bows, daggers, and any number of dirty tricks, the rogueís primary focus is damage: tearing foes down one at a time with systematic efficiency. Rogues commonly use a mixture of stealth and mobility to reach positions of advantage, be it a sniperís perch away from enemy blades or behind an unsuspecting mage. Deadly and resourceful, rogues can tip the balance of any strategic assault.


Battle-hardened and masters of close combat, warriors are pivotal to any group entering battle. As front-line fighters, they absorb the brunt of opponent attacks, steal enemy focus, and create an opening for deadly ranged assaults from other classes. While some warriors prefer visceral, sweeping damage, many are silverite-clad bulwarks, weathering any blows they donít deflect with their shields.
More information.
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August 21st, 2014, 16:55
I am really excited about this game.
I played both games (with all the expansions) and read the books, and I really like the lore of Thedas, almost as much as The Elder Scrolls.
DA2 could have been a lot better, but still provided many hours of entertainment.
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August 23rd, 2014, 03:56
playing a bi-weekly tabletop dragon age Rpg, and so far it's proven to be quite accessible and enjoyable. Theyve went to great pains to flesh out the world, it really is quite a well-realized mythology they have going.

After digesting a bunch of previews, it's clear to me they theyre trying to make good in Inquisition the damage that was done w/ DA2. I'm listening….
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