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Default Sienna Storm - Street Espionage Kickstarter

August 24th, 2014, 12:44
Sienna Storm is a new kickstarter from a studio called Digital Knights, and is made up of former Deus Ex, and Obsidian developers. Here is the video , and description.


Professional spies call espionage "The Game." (Play the perfect fiction, win the truth.) Sienna Storm puts you in this game.

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE. Sienna Storm is an evolutionary leap for interactive graphic novels. Most novels are linear, where Sienna Storm is complex, branching, replete with interesting choices that change the outcome of your story.

Imagine a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style book where, instead of reading a wall of text, you interact with gorgeous, hand-drawn scenes. Exploring and discovering action points within a scene lets you progress through the narrative. Will you decide to rescue your informant, or to cut him loose to avoid putting your whole team in danger? The choices you make have direct impact on the evolving story, and can change your reputation with the characters you meet.

GATHER INTEL. Sienna Storm features dozens of non-linear dialogues, similar to Alpha Protocol™. You can interrogate, manipulate or charm people into doing things your way, revealing closely guarded secrets, or offering up useful items and equipment. Through dialogues you can earn or lose influence with characters, and win cards to help you succeed in the Card Game.

TAKE ACTION. There's a time for talking, but when things get down to the wire, you spring into action via an easy to learn, but hard to master, Card Game. This mechanic is adapted for combat, infiltration and hacking, and is based on a system of dynamic events, triggered by your actions or overall situation on the field.
For example, if you weren't able to defeat an enemy within 5 turns, backup arrives to make the situation more perilous. Your enemies are intelligent, and they have contingencies. So if you lower your enemy’s health, he may change his tactics, forcing you to also change yours.


Lets look how the gameplay for "choose your adventure" part unfolds. London. Night time. We have a situation where Mark is being pursued. He is on the run and simultaneously being contacted by an unknown caller. He hears an unknown voice in his helmet warning him that there is an ambush ahead. Mark needs to decide whether to ignore the warning or listen to it. This is the decision and consequence system in its simplest form. What will you decide?
It's safe to call the game a Visual Novel / Adventure game with some rpg elements. Also thank you daveyd for bringing the game to my attention.

More information.
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August 24th, 2014, 12:44
just sent them a note regarding the overpriced lvl1 tier - crowded with bloatware )

also lack of early bird

also dumb setting you can hardly get immersed in.. come on. spies and shit?

Best game that used this setting well was Gunpoint
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August 24th, 2014, 18:03
Watched the trailer and besides of all that names I just thought…"blegh….so what's this about?".
Didn't grab me at all. Then I saw it's a visual novel and when I look at their "actual ingame picture" I can't find anything appealing in that one.

And to want 25$ for that…no wonder they are doing so poorly.
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August 24th, 2014, 18:11
Looked at it yesterday, and passed it over. Just not my cuppa.
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