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August 4th, 2017, 14:51
It's an indie RPG/RTS:


◾Procedural map with a different layout every game you play

◾Multiple map types with unique enemies and weather

◾An upgrade tree system allowing you to specialize your strategy

◾Multiple playable characters with their own unique abilities, upgrades, and buildings

◾Standard mode in which you progress towards an ending while fighting stronger enemies.

◾Endless mode which tests the limits of how long you can survive.

◾Randomized item drops from enemies and world objects allow for unique strategies and opportunities

◾Level up your leader to unlock new skills to support your followers or directly attack enemies

◾Assign your followers to various jobs such as gatherers, builders, soldiers, archers, priests and more to have them carry out different duties.

◾Traits give followers unique quirks, allowing them to excel at certain roles.
I adore hybrids when done well, this one… Hell it's a random generator disguised as hybrid.
While there is no way I ever buy this, I'm expecting it to end up being Codex goty runner up (Grimoire being a winner).
Toka Koka
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