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September 11th, 2007, 17:46
NZGamer has posted a rather harsh review of Loki, the mythologically focused action RPG from Cyanide, giving it a score of 5.0 (Mediocre):
The interface for Loki is a mixed bag. Many of the familiar keys (such as “I” for “Inventory”) are present, however a large number of usability problems (ranging from the annoying to the downright horrible) are present, such as an unpredictable loot interface, horrible camera controls, an archaic inventory system, a bizarre inability to talk to NPCs from time to time, massive load lag (despite installing a whopping 7GB onto your hard disk) and many other issues abound….
…The gameplay itself is, in a word, dull dull dull. I know that’s technically three words but they’re all the same so I figure that’s close enough. There’s nothing interesting happening, you don’t care about the robotic, jerking townsfolk that the monsters are threatening and the super boring, no-AI-whatsoever enemies are quite possibly the single most boring (they’re all the same, they just look different) enemies ever imagined. Ever. EVER.
More information.
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September 11th, 2007, 17:46
I'm not entirely sure what a 7GB installation should have to do with load times.
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September 11th, 2007, 17:55
Maybe he meant that the long loading times would be excused if the game had to read data from the DVD.
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September 11th, 2007, 18:13
Right, in theory movies and data should run faster from the Hard Drive rather than the DVD. That may have been more true back in the day but its still bad IMO. The way IBM clones work with their Interupt Requests and DVDs and CDs spin up to their overdrive speeds is still killer.

I wonder if there's a market for drives that stay steady at 12x and don't try to fly off the handle?
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