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October 5th, 2007, 02:48
Jolt has kicked up a review of Soldak's indie action/RPG Depths of Peril, scoring 7.7/10:
The fun and rewarding action-oriented gameplay will certainly be what makes you sit down and play for a while, but itís this constantly changing, replayable game of strategy that gives you a reason to come back. New treasures are there to improve your character or your guild house, and a decent system of skill upgrades lets you tweak your character to a style of play you enjoy, but even this doesnít match the variety of options you have when dealing with those who would oppose you in whichever way you see fit.
In other DoP news, Generation: Gamerz has the first part of an interview:
[SG]: What possessed you to leave Ritual and move into your own digs? Was it the human sacrifices? How long have you been in the 'biz'?
[SP]: Well the human sacrifices were fun for a while, but you start getting really nervous when the supply of victims runs low. [smiles] Actually, one of the main reasons was that I wanted to work on an RPG and while many people at Ritual and even some of the owners wanted to create one, it just didnít look like a publisher was ever going to sign a deal with Ritual to do one. Something about Ritual having no experience with RPGs and some nonsense about too many RPGs already. So I decided to do one anyways, which meant leaving Ritual.

I worked at a startup before Ritual for a couple years, Ritual for 6 years, and now Soldak for almost 3 years. So I have been in the industry for about a decade (plus or minus a year depending on what you count).
More information.
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October 5th, 2007, 02:48
Good to see some more exposure for Soldak, especially the interview, though Jolt did nail this :

Still, as we say, this is more a game of strategy driven by RPG elements rather than an RPG driven by strategy elements.
The more I play the game, the more open ended and customizable it seems, without losing any of it's identity. It's rare to find a game you can just fire up for a few hours and get a little different experience every time.

A lot of this is the way you can pick the level of franticness-if you want to thrash out a major bloodfest with seven rival factions, at high difficulty, you just turn up the controls. When you're more into an explore, collect and level-up type mode, you can take your same character and set the game for two chummy factions that love you if you throw them a rusty helmet occasionally.

It's a game with a lot going for it. I hope it sees the success it deserves.
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October 5th, 2007, 17:21
Yeah, we are slowly getting more and more exposure.

Thanks for all the kind words, magerette.
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