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Default HoMM 5 - Tribes of the East Review @ IGN, & Complete Edition News

October 18th, 2007, 21:38
Dark Savant writes in to point out this review at IGN of Nival's standalone HoMM5 expansion Tribes of the East, which gives the turn-based fantasty strategy title 7.9 out of 10:
It's about time we got a chance to play around with the Orcs in the world of Might & Magic. We've beaten on the ubiquitous Orc soldiers so much that it's only fair that UbiSoft and Nival's latest stand alone expansion pack, Tribes of the East, lets players take charge of the orangey savages and fight the bad fight. A whole range of leaders who combine the best parts of both Genghis Khan and the Sierra Club add loads of personality to the new faction as they struggle to compete in the cutthroat world of Heroes of Might & Magic.
There's also some news about a HoMM5 Complete Edition set for European release at fansite Celestial Heavens:
The French page of the official Might and Magic portal (which has gone through an orcish makeover since I last went there) announces an upcoming Complete Edition of the whole Heroes of Might and Magic series. The new package will include (take a deep breath) all games of the series, from A Strategic Quest to Tribes of the East, a three CD soundtrack, a high quality art book with Heroes V artwork, a bonus DVD with trailers, diaries and wallpapers, a poster, a t-shirt, the fan manual, a creature chart, a tarot card game and a Dark Messiah map. Only 20,000 copies will be released worldwide, in December. Check out the official site to view more pictures.

Edit: I learned that the Heroes Chronicles games will not be included (but I doubt there will be a riot because of that). Also, the Dark Messiah map is a playable Heroes map based on Dark Messiah (wow!).
Here is the info at the official French site and U.K. edition details can be found here.
Thanks, Dark Savant!
More information.
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October 18th, 2007, 21:39
If they have the proper music for I and II, I might pick this up. I have the (legally) downloaded versions of I and II but they don't have the operatic stuff.

Shame about Chronicles, but the Chronicles campaigns have been recreated using the HOMM3 editor, and I understand that they play pretty much identically to the proper versions.
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