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June 18th, 2016, 03:37
At the steam forums Bitmen Studios announced The Storm Guard has moved to beta status and is preparing the game for release once bugs are ironed out.

Update #12 now on Beta Branch
Update #12 brings a new playable hero, the dwarven slayer. He's got not energy but his skills cost a percentage of his current health. Furthermore, he gets stronger the less health he's got left. So, you will want to keep him low, but not too low.

We're already in June and I'm getting the game ready for public release. Therefore, the focus will now be on finding and ironing out any remaining bugs and getting everything ready. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. If you enjoy the game, please also give it a thumbs up. Thanks.

Update #12

Gameplay Changes

  • New playable hero: the dwarven slayer. He has no energy resource but his skills cost a percentage of his current health. The lower his health, the more damage he does. He is a crazy guy who forgoes armor for more damage.
  • New option to speed up attack animations by factor 5.
  • Archer animations generally sped up.
  • Refund 75% of the equipment cost for fallen team members (only if you win the battle).
  • Added voiceover introductions for new neutral creatures (humans, dwarves).
  • New Credits song: "The Fires of the Storm Guard".
  • Mobility potions grant immunity to knockdown.
  • Can now sell potions in town.
  • Can now rearrange characters on roster via drag & drop.

Balance Changes

  • Some AI skills that cause burning now have slightly lower duration.
  • Level boundaries for level 5+ lowered. Thus, characters level faster in the late game.
  • For normal games with missions costing stamina, tax income increased to 500 (up from 250). This should give players a wee-bit more gold to equip and train multiple heroes.
  • Burning now does damage equivalent to 20% of max hp (down from 25%). AoE burning was a bit too good.
  • Goblin Assassin's "Dagger Fury" does +20 damage (down from +25).
  • Statues provide better benefits.
  • Weapon penetrations scale with character levels. That way, penetration is not that bad early on but will get gradually better (as armor gets thicker).
  • Troll and Warchief's high end skills moved back one level. They were too good in the mid game.
  • Dodging no longer takes distance into account.
  • Lowered chance of Portal, Crypt or Camp missions to show up to 10% (down from 15%). Chance of Occupied Village and Invasion both reduced to 15 (down from 20).
  • Scrolls of XP now give 250XP (up from 100).
More information.
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June 18th, 2016, 14:27
More and more good stuff. Great news!
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June 18th, 2016, 18:28
Yes, I can confirm that this is a good turn-based strategy game. Well balanced, fun and easy to get.
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June 21st, 2016, 03:45
This is a hidden gem. Great turn-based battles and you can have a Ninga in your party that can shoot arrows,hurl Shurikens, special moves that can cause bleeding and damage armor. Nice battle animations, hardcore mode and combat that strangely feels like D20 combat.
I admit I was interested but only felt urged to buy it after watching a Youtuber get destroyed. The first video I can remember yelling at the guy to "Use all your attacks,dummy"
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June 21st, 2016, 22:57
This game is very high on my watchlist, I checkup on it periodically, although I have no intention of buying it before it is released.
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