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Default Witanlore: Dreamtime - Preview @ OnlySP

May 19th, 2017, 02:55
OnlySP checked out the open world RPG Witanlore: Dreamtime:

Witanlore: Dreamtime | Early Access Preview


Developed by Druid Gameworks Studio, Witanlore is an open-world adventure RPG. The game begins with a lengthy, and somewhat interesting, cutscene explaining the history of the world and why the tribes of Ursine are entrenched in years of war, setting the scene for Witanlore’s adventure. Players assume the role of a young Ursine about to uncover his/her destiny by communicating with a deity through the tribe’s traditional ritual, ‘The Dreaming’. This ritual will be an opportunity for the Ursine to understand the deity’s plans for his/her future. However, a set of tasks must be completd before the player can jump into this sequence.


Lighting and map improvements are planned, alongside the implementation of skill/xp functionality, according to Druid Gameworks’ latest post on Steam. Although, updates are rare, with months passing between patches. Witanlore is growing with a clear direction and obvious potential. However, at this point in time, Witanlore is nothing more than an empty, lifeless shell of a game.

While the sword-and-shield combat system is reminiscent of a rudimentary version of that found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the world lacks enemies. Narrative is Witanlore’s strong suit with most of the quests being interesting and fun to follow, but the general lack of content draws any enjoyment to a quick close.

Witanlore is a collection of interesting ideas that is clearly too big for Druid Gameworks to handle. The direction Druid Gameworks is taking the game is clear, and, despite the slow pace at which the team releases updates, Witanlore has the potential to become exactly what Druid Gameworks first set out to accomplish.
Thanks Farflame!

More information.
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May 19th, 2017, 02:56
Few quests exist in Witanlore at the time of writing, giving the player only a few hours of content, and all of the quests involve little more than walking from one NPC to the next. Witanlore continually presents a complete lack of care in nearly every aspect of the game. Before even reaching The Dreaming, the player must collect flowers from a mountain for the progression of the ritual. Unfortunately, the flowers cannot actually be acquired despite them existing in the world and so the player’s adventure stops there. After a few hours of playing Witanlore, these oversights start to manifest themselves into a pattern of incomplete ideas.
However, serious issues arise, with exceptionally unstable framerates and intense ghosting. The game consistently drops in framerate despite little happening on screen. Animations are clunky and stilted, and the character will often clip, get stuck on, or refuse to interact with the game environment.

It's a wonder that it works at all.

combat has not yet been fully implemented, and as a result, the only content that is currently available is a series of fetch quests.

Many of the forum posts under Witanlore’s Steam page are authored by disappointed customers who have purchased the game only to have the program crash on launch.
Surprising how many churls are willing to pay money to beta-test (alpha-test in this case)

Gaben must be swimming in cash of the gullible masses.
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