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Default Consortium: The Tower - Production Update

June 3rd, 2017, 12:28
Interdimensional Games has been one year in production on Consortium: The Tower and the game is currently feature complete in an Alpha state. The update also gives us a casting update and tells us that the demo is coming soon.

After a year of very intense production, iDGi has officially reached a major milestone: all core planned game mechanics for Consortium: The Tower are functional and working well together. In layman's terms, this just means that we now have a fully featured videogame with a hefty chunk of working content.

Here is a video that briefly showcases a chunk of what we have fully working. Please note that the gameplay footage shown here is all from our alpha build and should not be considered indicative of a finished game.


Casting update

We are proud to announce that with the awesome help of Dave Chan over at Giant Sandbox we have cast the following awesome voice actors for various key characters in The Tower:

Mark Meer as "The Voice"

Matt Alden as "Alvarez Famosa"

Gord Marriott as "Malcolm Thomas"

Belinda Cornish as "Ellon Gibbons"

Also introducing newcomer Eric Fortin as "Elon Stone". Eric is the bassist and lead singer for the local Vancouver rock band Man The Wolf.

Watch for upcoming updates where we'll give you a peek behind the scenes with V.O recording in both Studio X here in Vancouver for the main Consortium characters , and sessions with the new cast members in Edmonton.
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