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Default Low Magic Age - Patch v085.12 released

November 12th, 2017, 12:50
Patch v085.12 for the Early Access turn based D&D game Low Magic Age is out:

v0.85.12 Patch Notes

  • New item type - Potion. Added 12 kinds of potions:
- Heal Potion
- Remove Fear Potion
- Shield Of Faith Potion
- Mage Armor Potion
- Bull's Strength Potion
- Cat's Grace Potion
- Bear's Endurance Potion
- Fox's Cunning Potion
- Owl's Wisdom Potion
- Eagle's Splendor Potion
- Aid Potion
- Heroism Potion

  • Added Heal Potion x2 to player party's starting assets
  • Have a chance to obtain various potions after winning new challenges
  • Have a chance to purchase various potions in Shop
  • New standard action: Use Item
  • Boots of Levitation functions correctly now (thanks orensatov)
    - Treats all difficult terrains, including caused by spells or creatures, as normal terrains
    - Immune to Web, Grease
  • When Helpless, treat Str score as 0 in Combat Maneuver Defense formula (thanks tudou684)
  • When Helpless or Grappled, doesn't provoke opportunity attacks by Irresistible Dance
  • More serious conditions (Helpless, Paralyzed, Irresistible Dance, etc.) cancel Defending and Grappling (thanks tudou684)
  • Removed incorrect Full Attack bonus for Irresistible Dance, Power Word Stun, Power Word Kill (thanks zyzy66)
  • Adjusted temporary HP provided by Aid, False Life, Death Knell, Divine Power, and Greater Heroism
  • Backup saves automatically before load and convert old version saves
  • Optimized rewards UI
More information.
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November 12th, 2017, 12:50
Can't wait for adventure mode!!!
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November 12th, 2017, 14:42
I enjoyed the arena. I'm looking forward to the adventure mode. They need to get more cleric spells in. Maybe they have added those spells since last time I played.
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RPGWatch Forums » Comments » News Comments » Low Magic Age - Patch v085.12 released
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