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February 15th, 2008, 16:54
so after doing grobnar's wendersnaven quest and leaving the strange clearing, in act 3, i headed back the keep. grobnar wasn't in my party any longer, but i thought maybe he was missing for a story element or something. he's completely gone from the roster, and while i haven't really advanced the story as i'm still gathering allies i'm becoming a bit concerned. this happen to anyone else? this seems kind of like a serious bug for a game so heavily patched. i mean even last decemeber i had nearly no problems with the game, and now over a year later…
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February 15th, 2008, 19:52
I had the same problem with Kelgar disappearing, starting in Act II.

I found a work around though, albeit inadvertently.

The link describes how to change the party size using the DM client. It's a cheat, sure, but only if you use it like one.

What I did was to set the party size at one more than what it normally would be. However, I only kept the normal amount of party members in my party.

I have no technical knowledge of the system, but it seems that when the familiars are there, it thinks you have more party characters than you should, so it just drops one on occasion. I was only using one character with a familiar though, so I set it to plus one.

Only once after that did I have a problem with it dropping a character.
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