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Default Demon's Rise: Lords of Chaos - Two Patches

May 5th, 2018, 22:06
Demon's Rise: Lords of Chaos got two patches recently:

1.4 Patch Uploaded

  • Fixed a bug where pressing the End Turn button while a unit was performing a move or attack would cause the end turn button to disappear.
  • Removed the ďLeave AreaĒ button and instead gold is now picked up and the end turn screen is loaded automatically without user input. This fixes a bug where sometimes pressing the leave area button would cause the game to become unresponsive.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes clicking the leave area, level up, restart level or return to camp buttons would cause the game to hang.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing tab to switch characters would not work if the mouse cursor was hovering over any UI button.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking the start battle button would cause slightly erratic camera motions.
  • Fixed a bug where the summoning penalty for the Soul Eaterís Greater Summoning ability was not being applied.
  • Fixed a bug where the Stone Trollís shield slot and icon would not indicate that he can equip a shield when a shield was picked up in the inventory or shop screens.
  • Increased the experience points, gold and item quality reward for the first 15 quick battles.
  • Added number of attacks per turn the character can make on the team selection stat sheet.
  • Added the ability to tilt the camera along the vertical axis with the R and F keys.
1.3 Patch Uploaded

  • Items that the player cannot afford in the vendor are now greyed out.
  • The item detail window on an item slot now appears when the mouse hovers over it and does not require the item slot to be clicked.
  • A small indicator appears on the quick battle button when you finish it. This allows you to see which quick battles you have completed from that menu more easily.
  • Added unit level information on the unitís stat sheet during battle.
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking on a tile would make the tile or unit stat sheet appear even if another UI window was already open.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the morale or attack indicator in the top left screen would sometimes cause the UI to disappear and the game to become locked.
  • Removed drag and drop functionality for items in the store as this would sometimes cause items to disappear.
  • Removed some incorrect text that said that switching characters for a new class cost gold.
  • Removed the shadow demon spell from the Greater Demon character for game balance.
  • Reduced Greater Demon health but increased its melee attack damage.
  • Reduced War Drakeís health but increased its melee and ranged attack damage.
  • Improved animations for the Volcrate character class.
More information.
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May 5th, 2018, 22:07
I play the other version of the game atm (War for the Deep) and have a lot of fun.

I also reported a bug and the dev answered and fixed it within a few hours! Full recommendation from me.
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May 5th, 2018, 23:47
He pumped out a couple of patches real fast. Wish he would add camera rotation to the mouse. Maybe he has, and I missed it. I think he added ESC to close windows, which was another small gripe of mine with the mobile port of the sequel.
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