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Default Chronicle of Innsmouth - On Kickstarter

November 7th, 2018, 16:49
Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness is a Cthulhu based graphic adventure that has launched onto Kickstarter.


"Chronicle of Innsmouth: Mountains of Madness" is a graphic adventure set in a world of cosmic horror as penned by the creator, and master, of the mythos: H.P.Lovecraft. Set in the 1930s, the game provides players with the opportunity to participate in the narrative of Lovecraft's masterpiece work "At The Mountains Of Madness", wherein a scientific expedition to the world's southern polar region makes a shocking discovery.

Experiencing characters unique to this game, along with some familiar from the previous one, the player embarks on a journey of exploration both forward into the unknowable future and also rewound back, many centuries ago, to witness the origins of the Necronomicon itself.

"Chronicle Of Innsmouth: Mountains Of Madness" is a journey where even the few who survive intact, in both body and mind, will forever be tormented by the anguish of the horrors they have been through.
Thanks Farflame!

More information.
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November 7th, 2018, 16:49
I'd just about give this a hard pass based on nothing but the title.
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November 7th, 2018, 16:51
But it's Cthulhu! Shower it with $!
Toka Koka
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November 7th, 2018, 18:39
I'll take a look at the pitch, but I'm not a huge fan of graphic adventures these days.
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November 8th, 2018, 17:59
So if I understood this trailer properly:

The Jedi Knight order is going to be attacked by the Cthulhu fleet. The Empreror wants to have fun and didn't order Exterminatus on the system's planets. We will be witnessing AssassinsCreed looking Jedi Knights - recently graduated straight from Jedda fighting the evil tentacly Cthulhu monsters. Our protagonist - The Hero of This Game - dies unfortunately right in the trailer at 1:32 (too bad bitches)- BUT at least WE will take his place and fight the Forces of Chaos… With those BB-gun sounding plip-plop rifles shown in the trailer as our only weapon, besides Baldur's Ancient Butterknife.

Hmm.. no thanks
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