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January 6th, 2019, 11:28
The Winter Update for Depth of Extinction comes with a lot of changes.

Winter Update is Live!

The long awaited Build 48 is finally ready! I've put some thought into how I think people might react to this update but am looking forward to hearing more detailed feedback on the changes and if you think they have improved on the game's shortcomings without compromising what you liked about it.
If you didn't like the game at all when it launched or you were turned off on it for some other reason, then this update is probably not changing your mind.

If you were on the fence about the game and just thought thought it was repetitive or imbalanced or too easy, then maybe you could give it another try. I've worked on addressing this feedback and even though I don't think the game is perfect, i do think it has improved from launch.
If you are one of those people who would prefer to get the high level summary of the update or see the visuals, then this video is for you. For more details, please read on!


The first thing to mention are the New Maps we have added to the game. There are three new ones that each add slightly different dimensions and are introduced as you progress through the game.

I've also added some new level tilesets that you'll see in later areas. They are the Cultist "Temple" and the Android "Citadel" and they definitely have a different look that the current tilesets. I don't have a significant amount of new cover or environment items added to the game yet though. Look for that in a future update.

I've also completely removed the "Zone Chooser" from the game in favor of just listing the currently available objectives for you to choose from across zones. Only one objective of a type will be available at a time from now on, so you won't see more than one "Find Sub" at a time, for instance. The concept of choosing the objective based on difficulty is also gone from the game. This has been replaced by difficulty that scales with the current team. Objectives will have a difficulty floor however, so it is possible to undertake an objective that is too hard but not one that is too easy. Enemies will scale up to roughly match your level.

To make the game more accessible to new players, we have added a "casual" mode. The first time you play the new version of DOE, you will be asked which difficulty mode you want: Casual or Classic. Classic will be basically the current version of the game (with the other changes in Build 48) while Casual will have a few differences:

  • You will have the option to retry any mission where you failed (team wiped out), aborted or even lost a character.
  • Characters will have a higher "base" health value than the enemies, allowing you to take a few more hits.
  • The difficulty will ramp up just a little more slowly
More information.
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January 6th, 2019, 16:55
Might be the time to finally jump in and give it a try.

I was very looking forward to playing this, but the reviews and comments on the game were not that stellar so far.
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January 6th, 2019, 22:57
I'm not quite brave enough to jump in yet for this one, but it's on my radar and I'll be getting to it later this year, for sure!
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January 7th, 2019, 17:52
Was looking forward to playing that one, but as this was just another game which sounded extremely unfishied or shallow at release I skipped that for now (like Achtung! Cthulhu, Underworld Ascendant, Insomnia). The second half of last year really was a mess.

Might still look into these games, but now I am sceptical on what the right time is…
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