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October 7th, 2019, 13:42
Here are some reviews for Din's Legacy.

Caltrops, positive:

So would I recommend Din's Legacy? Absolutely, this game has gobbled up all the best features of their preceding games with the exception of their sci-fi living world game Drox Operative, which I also recommend.
3rd Strike, 8/10 :

Din's Legacy is complex but fun game hiding behind low-end graphics and sound. While no game is for everyone, it's clear that they had a very specific target audience in mind: older and more advanced players. This game is pretty much a gem for those who can look past the rugged exterior. Fans of old-school titles such as Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege will love the freedom this game has to offer, but this freedom comes at the price of messing up your character.
Gaming Respawn, 4/10:

For fans of Soldak Entertainment's previous releases, you'll feel right at home with Din's Legacy. Although it may feel like more of an expansion rather than a full blown title release, for the rest of us, the lack of a story-based narrative, walls of texts explaining every detail of the game and the sheer difficulty spikes from monster traps to the world generation will probably put you off from playing this title for any lengthy amount of time.
The Gamers Lounge, 2.5/5:

Overall I feel that Soldak Entertainment has found a niche in their game design, and in order to appreciate it you must take the good with the bad. However, I do see improvements when comparing Din's Legacy to previous games and their general opinions across the web. Din's Legacy could use a little more focus and a little less randomization. The overall storyline could use a bump up in importance, and a tutorial of some sort that actively taught you some of the more basic pieces of game design would be greatly appreciated. However, the overall gameplay cycle is a lot of fun, and it is nice to level up a character and import them into a new game so you can at least start with a little more footing. Being able to tweak the game's random mechanics and difficulty allows you to make just the right amount of difficulty, and the diplomacy between nations spices up what would usually be a bland Diablo-Clone. Din's overall control scheme, interface, and ability management may be overwhelming to some, but to others, that kind of control is exactly what they're looking for.
Novogamer, positive:

Through the good and the bad, Din's Legacy is absolutely worthy of your time and money. Truly the most unique action RPG in over a decade? Yes, I would say so. Din's Legacy is just another example of just how great a game can turn out when it is made from the love and passion of a dedicated developer rather than for the corporate obligation of a AAA studio. There are certainly issues present, but the good far exceeds the bad in Din's Legacy's case. From the incredibly in depth role-playing mechanics to a truly dynamic world, Din's Legacy is unmatched in pure content for an indie game. The most heinous crime surrounding Din's Legacy is just how underrated it is. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.
SciFi Fantasy Network, positive:

Overall, this is a great indie title which gives a lot of gameplay for your money. The new explorer mode makes it much more new player friendly. So, if you tried one of the previous titles and found it too unforgiving and overwhelming while getting started then I would suggest that you to give this game a try. Selecting the new exploration option, will give new players more breathing space in order to get to grips with the basics before plunging fully in.
There is also a new patch out for the game (the 5th patch at thispoint in time) . This patch fixes a high level slowdown, makes it much easier to find uprising targets, fixed a couple major DOT issues, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues. More information to be found here.

More information.
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