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Default Black Geyser - Backer Beta internals: Deron-Guld

December 30th, 2019, 14:18
A new Kickstarter update for Black Geyser shares some more details about the Backer Beta and an area called Deron-Guld.

Deron-Guld: a desperate city on the brink of collapse

With the backer beta quickly approaching, we wanted to show off a location that will feature heavily in the portion of the game the beta will explore: Deron-Guld. Deron-Guld is the second largest city in Isilmerald, an important mining town and economic powerhouse in the region, and the capital for the rebellion against the kingdom. By the time the player first arrives in Deron-Guld, things are going very poorly for the residents. Can you intervene to save Deron-Guld? Can you even discover the poison eating at its heart before it's too late?

Following is some concept art for areas of Deron-Guld so you can get a better feel for how we designed it behind the scenes. The city itself has always been centered on mining and trade rather than decoration, and the recent troubles have done nothing to improve it, so solemn stone and wood comprise many of the buildings. Nonetheless, Deron-Guld has no shortage of areas to discover and stories to engage in.

Below you can see the market. Like everything else in Deron-Guld it has come on hard times; a blacksmith's shop and a general store are all that remain open amid the desperation. People need to eat, after all, and no war machine can function without steel…

The following picture shows the concept art for the Curious Cat, the one inn and tavern in Deron-Guld. While the outside may be as simple and unadorned as any other building in the city, the inside is the one place where locals can get a flash of color and music to forget their troubles.

And, of course, no war-torn city would be complete without a well-populated graveyard. But can war alone account for the bodies strewn haphazardly on the ground? What eats at the mining capital of Isilmerald? We hope you're ready to face the desperation festering in the rebel city of Deron-Guld.

In the meantime, stay warm and stay out of abandoned mines. Have a joyous Booreste!
More information.
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January 1st, 2020, 16:44
Glad to see they are finally releasing the backer beta, but it looks like this will be another kickstarter that will miss its promised release date. Oh well nothing new lately.
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