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March 17th, 2020, 22:16
PSU interviewed Tim Campbell of inXile about Wasteland 3 and discussed the Colorado setting, combat, non-linear choice and more.

PSU: One of the most eye-opening aspects of Wasteland 3 is its newly frosted Colorado setting - other than offering up a change in environment, does the shift to a colder climate meaningfully impact on the gameplay in any way?

Tim Campbell: Colorado's nuclear winter serves as a fresh backdrop that enables us to tell new stories and explore gameplay ideas that we otherwise wouldn't be able to. For example, some of the game's conflicts center around the control of fuel sources, which Colorado's inhabitants need in order to generate heat and survive in their frozen surroundings.

Similarly, Colorado's harsh environment forces players to acquire a heavy-duty Kodiak rig early on in the game to serve as their mobile-home and shelter. Almost every aspect of this lumbering vehicle is customizable, from its armor and weaponry to the chassis and engine, and players are even able to bring it into many combats as a powerful weapon that can turn the tide of battle.

PSU: Tell me how the new Ranger Base works - is it just a hub within the game world of Wasteland 3, or does it offer more?

Tim Campbell: The Ranger HQ is your safe space in Wasteland 3. You take command of it early on, and from there you can expand and explore it throughout the game experience. It's a place you come back to over and over in order to customize your squad, fix up the Kodiak, and interact with the people there and progress some key stories and moments.

Often, people you meet and rescue along the way can be recruited to join you back in Ranger HQ, offering additional help and special resources. In this way, your choice of who to help and who to fight throughout the game has a direct impact on how your headquarters develops and what capabilities it provides.

More information.
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